Waste King L-9940 vs L-3200 – What’s the Difference?

Comparison of Waste King Legend Series L-9940 & L-3200

It is interesting that two models with a vast difference in their model numbers (9940 & 3200) share almost the same specifications. Conventionally a product with model number 9940 must be better than that with a lower number; but is that really so in practice? Let’s find out.

Waste King L-9940 vs L-3200 comparison


Both L-9940 and L3200 garbage disposals have a lot of them in common. All Waste King garbage disposals have a lot of things in common but these two have more things in common which is why I am comparing them here.

Let’s start with power. Both garbage disposers are powered by the same permanent magnet type 3/4 HP motor that runs at a speed of 2700 RPM. Both of them look the same, and both of them have the same build; corrosion-resistant reinforced polymer for the grinding chamber and stainless steel grinding components. Like all Waste King models, they come with power cords pre-installed; one less headache with the installation. They also have a noise insulation layer built of nylon glass mixture. Both are continuous feed type disposals and come with 8 years of limited warranty

Differences – L-9940 vs L-3200

The main difference between these two disposals is that one uses a 3-bolt mounting system while the other uses an EZ mount. The 3-bolt mounting system for L-9940 is made of Stainless steel which ensures better strength and durability. It is a bit difficult to install though. On the other hand, the EZ mounting system of L-3200 makes it easy to install but it is made of Reinforced polymer which is less durable than Stainless steel. Another difference is about the splash guard. The splash guard of L-3200 is easily removable from the top for cleaning but for L9940 you will have to dismount the disposal for this.

Waste King Legend L-9940 & L-3320 also vary slightly in size and weight. The former disposal is 13 ½ x 8 inches in size and weighs 9.4 lbs while the latter has dimensions of 13 ¾ x 7 ¾ inches and weighs 8.6 lbs.

Comparison Table

Waste King

Waste King

Power 3/4 HP 3/4 HP
Speed 2700 RPM 2700 RPM
Mount 3-bolt EZ mount
Sink flange material Stainless steel Reinforced polymer
Grinding chamber material Reinforced polymer Reinforced polymer
Grinding components Stainless steel Stainless steel
Feed type Continuous Continuous
Splash guard Non-removable Removable
Size Slightly larger Slightly smaller
Warranty 8 years 8 years
View Price & Details View Price & Details

Which garbage disposal is better- L-9940 or L-3200?

Both disposals have the same performance and features. The only difference that matters is the mounting method and price. L-9940 disposal costs more than the other but with no notable plus points so I will go for the L-3200 garbage disposal.

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