Waste King L-111 Vs L1001 – What’s the difference?

A Comparison between Waste King Legend L-111 & L-1001

Two popular garbage disposals by Waste King belong to its Legend series; L-111 & L-1001. Unlike in my other articles comparing many similar disposals, these two have many obvious differences. Still, I am doing a comparison between them because for many people their serial numbers are confusing. I wonder why Waste King can’t name them like L-1 and L-2. I am sure there must be a good reason behind the selection of these names, which I plan to research on later, but first, let’s see the similarities and differences between these two models.

Waste King L-111 Vs L1001 - What's the difference?

Similarities – Waste King L-111 Vs L-1001

Since both disposals are from the same manufacturer they have many things in common, like the permanent magnet motor for instance. All Waste King disposals have permanent magnet motors for their advantages like high RPMs and less weight. Both L-111 & L-1001 are continuous feed type disposals where you can add food wastes by continuously running the motor. Both of them come with a power cord, their grinding chamber is made of corrosion-proof high-quality polymer, and the grinding components are made of Galvanized steel.

Both of these disposals have an easily removable splash guard. InSinkErator models too have removable splash guards but you will have to dismount the disposal first so I am not sure if they can be called removable. An EZ mount twist & lock design makes installation easier especially if you are replacing another similar Waste King model. They also come with a 2-year warranty.

Differences – Waste King L-111 Vs L-1001

There are a lot of differences between Waste King Legend Series L-111 & L-1001 garbage disposals. They look different, their dimensions are different and so are their power and performance. The Waste King L-111 is not so powerful as the other with only 1/3 HP. It also runs a lot slower with an RPM of 1900. All other Waste King disposals run at much higher RPMs. The L-1001 is bigger in size and has a power rating of ½ HP and it runs at 2600 RPM.

Comparison table

Waste King


Waste King


Power 1/3 HP 1/2 HP
RPM 1900 2600
Feed Type Continuous Continuous
Grinding system make Corrosion resistant glass filled polymer Corrosion resistant glass filled polymer
Grinding chamber make Galvanized steel Galvanized steel
Warranty 2 years 2 years
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Which is better?

Definitely, the L-1001 is superior to the L-111 in terms of performance but size-wise both are similar, the difference is negligible. Both are priced competitively with not much price difference. I personally prefer L-1001 over L-111 due to its better performance and close pricing.

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