Multi-Grind, Auto-Reverse, Jam-Sensor & SoundSeal technologies explained

Today I came across a youtube video by InSinkErator that clearly explained the patented technologies they use in their top-end Evolution series. I can write thousands of words about how these technologies work but they won’t beat a 3-minute video. So here it is;

To be honest, I was looking for a way to explain these technologies, now it is much easier, thanks to InSinkErator (and to the guy/gal who created this video).

Garbage disposal technology

What is Multi-Grind technology?

Multi-Grind is a technology where food wastes undergo more than one stage of grinding. InSinkErator has two-stage and 3-stage grinding systems. I think the 3-stage grinding is only seen in Evolution Excel and Supreme SS models. The 2-stage grinding system is implemented in all other disposer units in the Evolution series.

A 3-stage Multi-Grind system doesn’t mean the disposer unit has 3 sets of rotating plates (flywheels) and lugs mounted on them. It basically involves a modification of the existing 1-stage system by the addition of a few more components.

A 2- stage grinding system has a GrindShear ring in addition to the set of impact lugs. Here is how it works;

On the other hand, a 3-stage system has an Undercutter Disk, and a Tri-Action lug system in addition to the GrindShear Ring. That’s 2 additional components than a 2-stage system, so shouldn’t it be called a 4-stage grinding system? I guess the tri-action lugs swivel don’t count.

So that’s the difference between a 2-stage and 3-stage MultiGrind system.

The advantage of the MultGrind system is that it grinds the food wastes into smaller, finer particles. These finer wastes are less likely to clog your drains. Also, this Multi-Stage grinding system can grind hard and fibrous food items. So you can throw in almost anything into these disposals including chicken bones, celery, and eggshells.

What is Auto-Reverse technology

This is another patented technology by InSinkErator that is reserved for their top-end models. And that includes only Evolution Excel and Supreme SS, other evolution models like Evolution Compact doesn’t have this technology.

Auto-Reverse is a technology that automatically reverses the direction of the shredder plate when it detects a jam. When a disposal unit is jammed we all use a wrench to rotate the plates to and fro to unclog it, this is exactly what the Auto-Reverse technology does, but by itself. So the reverse movements help to breaks any blocks so we don’t have to worry about the disposal getting jammed.


This is again another anti-jamming technology that is reserved for the top end disposals in the Evolution series.

This is also considered as a part of the 3-stage Multi-Grind technology (aka Multi-Grind Plus technology).

What it does is, it detects the probability of jams in advance by monitoring the changes in the torque of the shredder plate. If there is any probability of any blockage the system will increase the torque of the cutting so any immediate possible clogs are eliminated.

In case your disposal doesn’t have the above features this is a handy guide 🙂 – common garbage disposal problems and their solutions.

SoundSeal technology

Everyone likes quiet garbage disposals. By the way, here is a list of the quietest garbage disposals for your reference.

So in order to make disposal units, quieter manufacturers use different methods including adding foam insulation layers on the grinding chamber. A similar technology by InSinkErator is called SoundSeal.

Like the Multi-Grind technology this too has two variations; SoundSeal and SoundSealPlus. The difference is SoundSeal plus technology comes with addition layers of insulation, and so they are quieter. SounSealPlus is used in top-end versions of Evolution Excel, and SoundSeal is used in Evolution Compact and similar 3/4 Hp models in the Evolution series.

The SoundSeal technology not only involves noise insulation layers but also noise insulation mounts as well. In most cases, it is vibrations in the fittings that cause noise so SoundSeal technology focus on reducing that as well along with reducing noise from the motor and grinding chamber. That’s why it comes with specially designed anti-vibration mounts.

The disposals with SoundSeal insulation are 40% quieter than normal models.

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