InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal Review

High-end, compact garbage disposal at an affordable price = InSinkErator Evolution Compact.

This is the 3rd best food disposer I have ever reviewed, and unlike the best two, this one is better priced. The Evolution Compact comes with lots of features that you can see in high-end food disposers, it also has a more compact design than the latter.


  • Type of Feed – Continuous
  • On/Off Control – Wall Switch
  • Motor – Single Phase
  • HP – 3/4
  • Volts – 120
  • HZ – 60
  • RPM – 1725
  • Amp. (Avg Load) – 8.1
  • Time rating – Intermittent
  • Lubrication – Permanently lubricated upper and lower bearing
  • Shipping Weight (Approx.) – 19.5 lbs.
  • Unit Finish – Black Enamel/Gray
  • Overall Height – 12-1/8″
  • SoundSeal Technology – Anti-Vibration Mount™, Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount™, Quiet Collar™ Sink Baffle, Multi-Layer SoundLimiter™ Insulation
  • MultiGrind Technology – GrindShear Ring
  • Grind Chamber Capacity – 34.6 oz.
  • Motor Protection – Manual Reset Overload
  • Average Water Usage – Approx. 1 Gallon Per Person Per Day
  • Average Electrical Usage – 3-4 KWH Per Year
  • Drain Connection – 1-1/2″ Anti-Vibration (Hose Clamp)
  • Dishwasher Drain Connection – Yes


It is a disposal unit from the Evolution series and as mentioned in the name, it is compact. This unit is relatively smaller than the other Evolution series disposers but has more or less the same chamber capacity. It can hold about 35oz. of food wastes and has dimensions 8x8x12 inches.


The grinding motor packs 3/4HP which is ample power for a garbage disposal of this size.  It is also equipped with Multi-Grind technology in which the food wastes undergo grinding through two stages which include a GrindShear Ring and Tri-Action lug system. The Evolution Compact is capable of grinding even small chicken bones which is not possible with low-end disposers.


I also noted that against a standard disposer, the level of quietness while the operation is relatively outstanding. It uses SoundSeal technology which can only be seen in the top InSinkErator models like the Evolution Excel and Evolution Essential. This is the 3rd best disposal I have reviewed in terms of quiet operation.


Of all the things that come with the unit, the quick setup, or as others call it, installation is a breeze to do. The manual is comprehensible and you wouldn’t get lost in the process. A home and a kitchen owner like me who has a lot on their hands need things to be done as soon as possible. That is why the easy twist on and off of the disposer for locking is handy.

The Evolution Compact has some accessories included in the package. The unit comes with a sink baffle, jam-buster wrench for unexpected clogging, an anti-vibration tailpipe mount to give you added silence, a clamp, and a stopper.


In terms of the warranty, the InSinkErator Evolution Compact disposer comes with an 8-year in-home limited warranty. That includes the parts and services to be rendered for the repair.

Within the four years, it is absolutely recommended to always call in a technician for any unusual noise or functioning of the disposer. Do not shrug them off since there are only four years in the warranty tag.


To give you a clear view of how I assess the unit, here are some of the noticeable pros and cons of the disposer.


  • The grinding is good
  • Quiet operation and build are good quality
  • In-home installation, just call for a technician
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • The warranty covers parts and service (installation included)
  • 8-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with plumbers putty
  • The gasket is too tight, making draining a bit slower

InSinkErator Evolution Compact – Final Words

In the end, This is one of the best garbage disposals I have reviewed. Its compact size and lighter weight make it much easier to mount. With the price, it ranges from typical disposals in the market that has 3/4 HP in the motor. It is decently priced, the quality is good, and is nicely designed. Overall this is a product worth buying.

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal Review

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