InSinkErator Evolution Select Garbage Disposals Reviews

To be honest there are now too many models in the Evolution series by InSinkErator. There are two models called Evolution Select and Evolution Select Plus, and I am going to review and compare both here in this article so you can get a better idea before making a buying decision.

Evolution Select & Select Plus garbage disposals reviewed

Evolution Select Plus review

Evolution Select Plus

  • Power – 3/4 HP
  • Speed – 1725 RPM
  • Grinding stages – 2
  • Noise – Quieter
  • Size – 12.25″ x 8.75″
  • Grind chamber capacity – 34.6 oz
  • Warranty – 6-years

Evolution Select

  • Power – 5/8 HP
  • Speed – 1725 RPM
  • Grinding stages – 2
  • Noise – Quiet
  • Size – 12.25″ x 8.75″
  • Grind chamber capacity – 34.6 oz
  • Warranty – 4-years

If you are familiar with the Evolution line of garbage disposals you will instantly know that these disposals are an almost exact replica of the popular Evolution Compact model. But I will do that detailed comparison at the end of this post. Now let’s go through a quick review of both the models.

Performance – Evolution Select vs Select Plus

The Evolution Select is slightly less powerful than the Select Plus model. The Evolution Select is powered by a 5/8 HP motor, this is only slightly more powerful than a 1/2 HP motor. The Evolution Plus is powered by a 3/4 Hp motor.

Both disposals run at the same speed 1725 RPM.

Other than the horsepower the performances of both models are similar. Both disposals are equipped with a 2-stage Multi-Grind technology. This means the food wastes undergo two stages of grinding which makes them much finer and easier to dispose of without clogging the drain pipes. Both are continuous feed types as well.

Noise – Evolution Select vs Select Plus

Both Evolution Select and Select Plus models come with good noise insulation. But the noise insulation of the Select Plus is better than the Select model.

Both disposals use Sound Seal technology but when it comes to Select Plus it has an additional ‘SoundLimiter’ insulation around its grinding chamber and motor.

Evolution Select Plus review

All other components for noise reduction are the same for both disposals. These include an anti-vibration mount, an anti-vibration tailpipe mount, and a Quiet Collar sink baffle. They reduce vibrations of different parts while the disposer is running thereby reducing noise.

Build quality

The build of both disposal models is the same. Both have a height of 12.25 inches and a width of 8.75 inches. Their grinding components are made of Stainless steel and the grinding chamber is made of corrosion-resistant material.

Both disposals also have very similar designs and the same grind chamber size which is 34.6 oz.


Both InSinkErator Evolution Select and Select Plus use a 3-bolt mounting assembly. The QuickLock system makes the installation very easy and fast.

Since both disposals are compact in size they can be installed in areas with low space availability.

Like all other InSinkErator models, these do not come with power cords which according to me is a drawback when compared to many of their competing models.

Both models also come with reset buttons and hex holes on their bottom sides. In case of overload, you can use the reset button to get the disposals running again. In the case of a block, you can use the hex hole to manually rotate the units and break the blocks. Here is a list of common garbage disposal problems and their solutions for your reference.

Both models also come with standard dishwasher connections so it is easy to connect them with your dishwasher outlet.

Warranty & Price

Evolution Select Review

The Evolution Select model is covered under a 4-year warranty while the Evolution Select Plus comes with a 6-year warranty.

As for price the Evolution series is a premium series so both disposals are a bit costly. The Evolution Select is usually priced lower but based on offers you may get the Select Plus at a lower price.

Evolution Compact vs Evolution Select vs Evolution Select Plus

Both Evolution Select and Select Plus are modifications of the Evolution Compact. Therefore both disposals are very similar but they have some key differences which are given below;


  • Evolution Compact – 3/4 HP
  • Evolution Select – 5/8 HP
  • Evolution Select Plus – 3/4 HP

Noise Insulation

  • Evolution Compact – Quiet
  • Evolution Select – Quiet
  • Evolution Select Plus – Quieter


  • Evolution Compact – 4 years
  • Evolution Select – 4 years
  • Evolution Select Plus – 6 years

All other features and specifications of both models are exactly the same.

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