InSinkErator Evolution Essential vs Essential XTR Garbage Disposals

Similarities And Differences Of Evolution Essential Vs Essential XTR Garbage Disposal Models

InSinkErator Essential vs Essential XTR

Both Evolution Essential and Essential XTR are two leading garbage disposals coming from the exclusive range of InSinkErator’s exclusive home utility item series. Interestingly enough, both these garbage disposals come with almost similar features. But once you give a little more attention to the small details, you’ll realize that there are indeed a couple of solid differences between the two. But what are these differences and which one among the two is better than the other? Well, that’s exactly what you will find out in the next few sections. Since most of you are interested in finding out a complete list of features, I’ve compiled this review detailing the similarities and differences between these two leading models.

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What Are The Similarities?

Like I already told you, both the Essential XTR and the Evolution Essential have remarkably similar exterior details. Their design is similar but not exactly the same. There’s the same greyish body color and the same steel belt that both the models share. However, while Evolution Essential has this belt in the middle of the body, Evolution XTR has this at the upper part.

Both the models come backed with some of the best features in the market. For instance, both of them use Multi-Grind technology with two grinding stages. Here, the food wastes go through two different stages of grinding instead of a single one.

Additionally, they also use the same noise-insulation technology (popularly touted as Soundseal). As evident from the name, the SoundSeal technology goes a long way in making these machines quieter.

In terms of power and additional specifications, both the disposals are pretty decent. Both of them come with the ¾ HP Dura-drive induction motors that feature an RPM of 1725. Also, both garbage disposals are continuous feed type. To put it simply, you can constantly add in food wastes to the disposal while it’s continuing to run.

In addition to this, there’s also the installation which is exactly the same for both the models. Both these garbage disposal units come with the ‘Quick Lock’ system that makes it easier for you to switch an old InSinkErator garbage disposal model with a new one. All you have to do is twist off the mount of your old disposal to introduce the mount of the new one. Since the stainless steel body is similar for almost all garbage disposal units from the brand, your new disposal can be flawlessly replaced in place of the old one.

After checking the style, design, and features let’s focus on the build quality. Like you’d already guess, both the machines are made from high-end stainless steel which doesn’t corrode easily. Since their grinding components too are made of stainless steel, they come with a pretty long life. Both of them also have a warranty of 6 years. And the best part- they are also available at the exactly same price point while I am writing this.

What Are The Differences?

After checking out this entire range of similarities, you might now be wondering whether these devices are any different from each other in the first place. Well, before you jump to any conclusion, let me tell you one thing- there are a couple of major and minor differences.

One of the most prominent differences between the two models is their size. I’ve personally checked, and found the XTR to have an average height of 12-1/4 inches, unlike the Evolution Essential that comes with a height of 12 inches. Alternatively, the average width of XTR is 8-3/5 inches while Essential comes with a width of 10 inches. The chamber capacity too has a minor difference. The XTR features a capacity of 34.6 oz while the Evolution has a capacity of 40 oz.

Another striking difference is in the operation of the multigrid technology. While both the garbage disposal units come with a two-stage multi-grind technology, the Evolution Essential is slightly more advanced in this department. This is because the disposal unit comes with a Grindshear Ring and a Tri-Action Lug unit that’ll make it easier for you to grind foods. The food waste will be automatically liquefied after which it will comfortably flow in your sewage unit.

Also, The Essential XTR comes with a power cord and also a sink top switch which together will cost around $50 if purchased separately.

The final difference is in the weight. While the XTR disposal weighs 20 pounds, the Essential has a weight of around 23.5 pounds.

InSinkErator Evolution Essential vs Essential XTR

Evolution Essential Vs Essential XTR; Which One Is Better?

Since both the models come with almost the same features, price and warranty, it is pretty difficult to ascertain which one is better than the other. However, since the Evolution Essential has greater storage capacity and higher volt I’d recommend it more than the other one. Since they are currently available at the same price point, it makes a lot of sense to choose the one which comes with greater capacity. Although the Essential doesn’t come with an air switch, it’s not a big deal considering the additional features that you’re getting.

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