InSinkErator Badger 5XP vs Badger 900 – A Comparison

Badger 5XP vs Badger 900

Both Badger 5XP and Badger 900 are garbage disposal models by InSinkErator. Both models are very similar but there are a few differences.

Differences between Badger 5XP and Badger 900

Image of Badger 5XP
Badger 900 garbage disposal
Image of Badger 900

The main difference between Badger 5XP and Badger 900 is the build quality of their grinding components. Badger 5XP has galvanized steel grinding components whereas Badger 900 has stainless steel grinding components. Another difference is the warranty. Badger 5XP is covered by a 4-year warranty whereas Badger 900 comes with a 6-year warranty.

Badger 5XPBadger 900
Warranty*4 years6-years
Grinding componentsGalvanized steelStainless steel
Grinding chamberGalvanized steelGalvanized steel
Power3/4 HP3/4 HP
Speed1750 RPM1750 RPM
Dimensions12-5/8″ x 6-5/16″12-5/8″ x 6-3/4″
Check priceCheck price
A brief comparison of Badger 5XP and Badger 900.

*The warranty of the products may vary with time, please check the manufacturer’s website for the current details.

Let’s see those differences in detail;

The build quality of Badger 900 is slightly better than that of Badger 5XP

The grinding components of Badger 900 are made of stainless steel whereas those of Badger 5 are made of galvanized steel. Stainless steel is more durable than galvanized steel. It is corrosion resistant and hence it is an ideal choice for garbage disposal components that come in direct contact with water and moisture.

Badger 900 comes with a longer warranty than Badger 5XP

Even though both garbage disposal models are very similar Badger 900 is covered under a 6-year warranty whereas Badger 5XP comes with a 4-year warranty. This may be due to the better durability of the grinding components of Badger 900.

Badger 900 garbage disposal

Both garbage disposals offer a ‘we come to your home’ warranty where the costs of parts and labor are covered. Moreover, the service person will come to your home for the repairs instead of you having to ship the unit to the manufacturer.

Badger 5XP is slightly thinner than Badger 900

Even though the dimensions of both garbage disposals are very similar the width of Badger 5XP is a bit lower than that of Badger 900. The width of Badger 5 XP is 6-5/16 inches whereas that of Badger 900 is 6-3/4 inches. Practically speaking, the width of a garbage disposal is nothing to consider while buying, I am mentioning this difference just to highlight the differences.

Both models have distinctly different appearances

Even though the overall dimensions of both garbage disposals are the same they have a distinctly different visual appearance. Badger 5XP follows the same design as the Badger 5, but Badger 900 has a simple, modern design. However, the appearance of these machines does not have anything to do with their performances.

Similarities between Badger 5XP and Badger 900

Badger 900 is basically an upgraded version of Badger 5XP that was originally made to be sold exclusively through Home Depot, though it is available elsewhere. So they have a lot of things in common.

Badger 5XP and 900 have the same performance

Both garbage disposal models use the same DuraDrive induction motor with a power rating of 3/4 HP. They run at 1725 RPM. Both of them have a grinding chamber capacity of 26oz and both are continuous feed type garbage disposals. So the griding performance of both garbage disposals is the same.

Both are economic models with no noise insulation or premium features

Both Badger 5XP and Badger 900 are budget models with the bare minimum features. They do not have any premium features like noise insulation, AutoReverse, or JamSensor which are common in InSinkErator’s Evolution series garbage disposals.

Both use 3-bolt assembly for installation

Since both garbage disposals belong to InSinkErator, they use a 3-bolt mounting assembly for installation. It is a kind of mounting assembly where you can twist and lock the garbage disposal to the sinkhole.

Since both models use the same 3-bolt assembly it is easy to replace one model with another. Since both of them have the same overall dimensions you won’t have to redo the plumbing or anything.

Which is better – Badger 5XP or Badger 900?

Both garbage disposals are very similar. However, Badger 900 is slightly better than the Badger 5XP because it has a longer warranty and a slightly better build quality. That being said you won’t go wrong if you buy any of them.

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