InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact – A Quick Comparison

Both Pro 750 and Evolution Compact are products by InSinkErator. Not only they are made by the same manufacturer but they also share many similarities.

When Pro 750 and Evolution Compact disposals are compared the Pro 750 is the better model. Here is a quick comparison table;

Pro 750


Evolution Compact


Power3/4 HP3/4 HP
Speed (RPM)17251725
Dimensions12.25″ x 8.75″12.25″ x 8.75″
Chamber capacity34.6 oz34.6 oz
Multi-Grind technology2-stage grinding2-stage grinding
Manual reset buttonYesYes
Hex holeYesYes
Type of feedContinuousContinuous
Auto-reverse technologyYesNo
Noise levelsQuieterQuiet
View Price & DetailsView Price & Details

InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact – Similarities

There are more similarities between these models than differences. Here are the main ones;

Size, shape, and design

Both Pro 750 and Evolution Compact have the exact same dimensions and design (except the model name of their silver bands). Oh, the Pro 750 is black in color while the Evolution Compact is greyish, big difference, isn’t it?

Both models have a height of 12.25 inches, and a maximum width of 8.75 inches. Both are compact in size and will easily fit in tight areas.

In addition, both have a grind chamber capacity if 34.6oz. Both are continuous feed-type disposals so the chamber capacities do not really matter but I thought it is fair to mention them.

Power & Speed

Both Pro 750 & Evolution Compact have the same motor with the same power and speed. Both have a horsepower of 3/4, and they run at a speed of 1725 RPM. These are permanently lubricated induction motors, and they run slower than many competing models. But these motors are proven in time to be capable of effectively disposing of most kitchen wastes.

Also, they use multi-stage grinding, the food wastes undergo two stages of grinding in both Pro 750 and Evolution Compact.

Build quality

Both InSinkErator Pro 750 and Evolution Compact have the same build. Both are made of the best durable and corrosion-resistant materials, and the grinding components are made of Stainless steel.

InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact – Differences

InSinkErator Pro 750 vs Evolution Compact

The main differences between Pro 750 and Evolution Compact garbage disposals are about Auto-Reverse technology, noise insulation, and warranty. Here are they in detail;

Noise Insulation

The main one is noise insulation. Both models are equipped with noise insulators and are among the quietest garbage disposals. The Evolution Compact is quiet but the Pro 750 is quieter.

Auto-Reverse technology

Also, the Pro 750 features Auto-Reverse technology. That means when there is a jam the sensors in the disposer will detect it and reverse the direction of grinding to break it. This feature is not available in Evolution Compact model.


Both food waste disposers come with decent warranties, but the Pro 750 model has a longer warranty. The Pro 750 comes with a 9-year limited warranty whereas the Evolution Compact model has an 8-year warranty.

Which is a better disposal?

The difference in price between these models isn’t much. Evolution Pro comes with better features and a 1-year longer warranty than Evolution Compact, so definitely that’s the choice for me.

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