Waste King L-3300 vs L-8000 – A comparison to find the best choice

Both L-3300 and L-8000 are garbage disposal models from the company Waste King. They have very similar features and specifications. However, they have their own differences as well.

What are the differences between L-3300 and L-8000 garbage disposals? Which of them is a better choice for you?

The main difference between Waste King L-3300 and L-8000 is the motor power. L-3300 is powered by a 3/4 HP motor whereas L-8000 is powered by a 1 HP motor. Their warranty coverages are also vastly different. The L-3300 model comes with a warranty period of 10 years whereas the L-8000 garbage disposal is covered for 20 years, that’s twice as much warranty!

There are, of course, other differences between these two garbage disposal models. Here are they in detail;

Main differences between Waste King L-3300 and L-8000 garbage disposal units

Waste King L8000
image of Waste King L-8000
Waste King 3300
image of Waste King L-3300
Motor power3/4 HP1 HP
Speed2700 RPM2800 RPM
Weight10 lbs11.94 lbs
Warranty10 years20 years
Height14.5 inches16 inches
Noise insulationYesYes
Mounting typeEZEZ
Feed typeContinuousContinuous
Build qualityStainless steel grinding components and corossion-resistant polymer grinding chamberStainless steel grinding components and corossion-resistant polymer grinding chamber
PriceCheck priceCheck price

L8000 is powered by a 1 HP motor whereas L-3300 is powered by a 3/4 HP motor

This is a repetition of what I said in the beginning. The L-8000 is a bit more powerful garbage disposal than the L-3300 model. This is despite the fact that they use the same type of motor which is a permanent magnet type. These are high-speed motors. In the case of L-8000, the motor runs at a speed of 2800 RPMS but for L-3300 the motor speed is 2700 RPM, a little lower than the former.

L-8000 has a longer warranty coverage than L-3300

Even though both garbage disposal units are very similar in many things the L-8000 unit comes with twice as warranty coverage as the L-3300. The former has warranty coverage for 20 years whereas the latter model is covered only for 10 years. Even though the warranty period of L-3300 sounds shorter when compared to the other model, a 10-year warranty is still a very good offer when compared to those of most other garbage disposals in the market.

L-8000 is slightly taller than L-3300

The height of the L-8000 unit is 16 inches whereas the height of the L-3300 unit is 14.5 inches. Even though the height difference is only 1.5 inches, this may matter if you have a deep sink, because in that case, you won’t be able to fit a tall garbage disposal unit in that short under-sink space. I will not say that the 3300 model is a compact one but it is definitely compact when compared to this other model.

Even though both models have different heights, their widths are the same; 8.5 inches. But in most cases, the width of a garbage disposal doesn’t matter because under-sink areas usually lack only in height, not width.

If you are looking for a compact garbage disposal here is a good guide.

L-8000 is slightly heavier than L-3300

Waste King L-8000 weighs 11.94 lbs while L-3300 weighs 10 lbs. Since the former unit is taller and has a larger motor than the latter, this difference in weight is not unexpected.

Also, the weight of a garbage disposal doesn’t really matter since kitchen sinks can handle much higher loads.

L-8000 and L3300 look different

The two models look different, but even then the difference is surprisingly small. The L-8000, due to its taller stance, looks slim whereas the L-3300 looks more chubby. However, their widths are the same 8.5 inches. Also, the bottom of the L-3300 disposal has more visible tapering than the former.

In all other aspects both garbage disposals look the same. They have the same color combinations, same build quality, same logo, and all other visual aspects are the same.

Final verdict – Which is the best; Waste King L3300 or L8000?

Waste King L-3300 and L8000 share many common features but they belong to different power categories. If you are looking for a 1 HP garbage disposal go for L8000, and if you are looking for a 3/4 HP unit definitely go for the 3300 model. If you are confused about whether you need a 3/4 HP or 1 HP, I recommend going for the L8000. This is because it has a much longer warranty, and better grinding power, and the price differences between these two models are not a game-changer.

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