Garbage Disposal Brands – Who Owns Who? [Infographic]

Some of the popular garbage disposal brands are owned by the same company. This is an infographic I created to show which companies own the popular garbage disposal brands.

Disclaimer: DisposalXT doesn’t endorse or is endorsed by any of these brands. These logos are copyrighted by the respective companies and are displayed here for information purposes only.

who owns garbage disposal brands

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Charles John

A few years back I bought a garbage disposal for the first time in my life. And the buying experience wasn't good. There were lots of models in the market, and I was not sure about which one to buy. They all looked the same to me. So once I went through the experience I started this blog to randomly write things about garbage disposals. Then I got really interested in the subject and started to write comparisons of very similar garbage disposals with each other. A lot of my readers find them very useful in making the right buying choice. I hope it helps you too.

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