What Should I Do With Old Baseball Cards?

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Do you have tons of old baseball cards? Are you wanting to make use of them again? Not sure where to start? This post can help give you some ideas of what to do with those old baseball cards?

Old baseball cards can be sold, donated, given away, traded, used in art, or put in storage. Selling and trading can be done online, through a garage sale, through local listings, or at card exchanges. Cards can be given to charity auctions, given out on Halloween, or given to local children.

To discover and learn more about what you can do with old baseball cards, keep reading!

Donate Them To A Donation Center

If you’re not really looking to make a profit from doing something with your old baseball cards and are just wanting to get them out of the house, donating them to a local donation center is a great option. People who collect baseball cards or who are wanting to start a collection will love you for your donation and contribution to the beginning of their baseball card collection. If you are worried about them just getting thrown out instead of getting put out for sale, you can personally deliver them and ask to watch them set them out.

Sell Them At A Garage Sale

If making a profit from doing something with your baseball cards, selling them at a garage sale is a familiar, non-threatening way to find your baseball cards a new home. The potential downside to selling them in a garage sale setting is they may get looked over among the other items being sold so it is important you display them strategically. They also could potentially not make as much profit as they could if they were being sold online. Garage sales have a reputation for selling at fairly cheap prices.

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Sell Them Online

If you place baseball cards that are for sale on the right platforms, you could make a significant amount of money. This is where a lot of serious collectors go to scour for rare, unique cards. Places like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist are all great places to start listing cards for sale. Social media platforms could also be an option too. You can decide if you would like to sell them individually or as sets, that is up to your personal discretion.

Donate To A Charity Auction

Cards that have an especially great significance or interest associated with them can draw a lot of attention, especially from buyers who are willing to pay a lot of money for them. If you are looking to do something with your baseball cards that are additionally involved in a good cause, donating your cards to be auctioned off in a charity event may be something to consider. Oftentimes those who contribute to the auction are also invited to attend the event as well.

Give Them Away To A Neighbor

Chances are you know someone, even in your own neighborhood that collects or has an interest in baseball cards. If you are trying to get to know a new neighbor and are wanting to start to develop a relationship with them, giving them some baseball cards is a good starting point to have a friendship begin. Even if they aren’t into baseball cards, you can show them your collection and ask what some of their hobbies are.

List Them In A Newspaper

You could go about this the old-fashioned way and put up an ad in the local newspaper that you have baseball cards for sale. When you list them you can state a starting price and add on the tag “OBO” or “or better offer”. This will hopefully help those who have a real interest in the cards pay a little more than you originally asked for. While the newspaper is more of an outdated way to put things up for sale, there are still sales being made through that medium.

Barter Online

This option is very similar to the process you would follow if you were to list them in the newspaper, the only difference is that the convenience of bartering online is much easier to access and reach people. There are a couple of ways you could go about this: you could either do this via a bartering website or through social media. It would be helpful to do some research beforehand to identify which option would be most successful for baseball cards specifically.

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Give Them Away At Halloween

Instead of handing out candy like every other house on the street, try handing out baseball cards! Of course, you may not impress all the little girls dressed as princesses, but those little boys dressed as their favorite Major League Baseball player would not leave disappointed and would much rather prefer the free surprise rather than some chocolate. If you still wanted to do candy, you could get creative and tape a piece of candy to one baseball card and hand them out that way.

Create An Art Project

If you are an artist at heart, this option may be the perfect one for you! Look up ideas online for art projects to do with old baseball cards or make up your own! A couple of simple suggestions are to frame your favorite ones and display them somewhere in your house or to put them in a scrapbook and have them live in there to keep them safe and all in one place. You could even place them under a glass cover top on a coffee table for a unique way to decorate your living room.

Put Them In Storage

If you want to keep your baseball cards but don’t feel the need to do anything fancy with them, you can keep them in storage until you figure something out to do with them. Don’t feel pressure to have to throw them out, but consider all your options before getting rid of them completely. Putting them in storage allows you to keep them in your possession, but won’t make you feel like they are creating any clutter in your house.

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