Waste King 9900TC Garbage Disposal Review

I am not a fan of batch feed type disposers, they are a little bit inconvenient. But certainly, not everyone thinks so, especially a friend of mine who bought a new Waste King 9900TC garbage disposal. The good thing is I got to check out the new disposal, though I had to help with its installation.

Here is a quick overview of the specifications of this disposal;

  • Power – 3/4 HP
  • Speed – 2700 RPM
  • Mount – 3-bolt mount
  • Feed type – batch feed
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Build – stainless steel grinding components, reinforced polymer grinding chamber

How powerful is 9900TC?

Well, it is not the most powerful disposer. But 3/4 horsepower is ample for a medium household. In addition, this disposal unit uses a high-speed permanent magnet motor. It reaches its maximum speed of 2700 RPM instantly. High speed means more cutting rate ie the food wastes are cut faster than a slower disposal unit. This not only reduces the time for grinding but also reduces the chances of jamming. (And in case it gets stuck you will have to use a broom handle or garbage disposal wrench to unlock it since Wast kings do not have a hex keyhole at the bottom)

Performance-wise I don’t find anything to complain about this disposal model. It grinds most kitchen food wastes without any difficulty and its working is smooth.

Is this disposal noisy?

Not at all. Waste King 9900TC comes with good noise insulation which limits noise to a certain level. It is not super quiet but not loud either. If you have an older model of this disposal I think (I am not sure) it doesn’t have any insulations so probably they are louder than this new one.

This is a batch feed type disposal, what does that mean?

Waste King 9900 TC

There are two feed types for garbage disposals; batch feed and continuous feed. The main difference between batch feed and continuous feed type disposals is how they process food wastes. In a continuous feed type model, you can keep adding food wastes while the disposal is working. On the other hand, a batch feed model process wastes in batches, you have to fill the disposal unit first, then close it, and only then does it start grinding. This is safer than a continuous feed type though it may be a little inconvenient to some.

Why does this disposal have a long neck?

As mentioned before Waste King 9900TC is a batch feed type disposal. All batch feed disposals are activated via a drain cover. The drain cover has a magnet (or magnets) in it, and so does the collar/neck of the disposer. The disposer starts only when the magnets are connected. The 9900TC model has a long neck to accommodate the drain cover. This is definitely not good engineering, there are other batch feed models which are much more compact, but Waste King probably does this to reduce manufacturing costs.

How long will this disposal last?

Waste King 9900TC comes with a 10-year limited warranty provided you are using it for your home. Commercial applications are covered only for 1-year.

In my opinion, a longer warranty indicates that the manufacturer is confident in their product. It is safe to assume that this disposal will last for at least 10 years.

This unit is made of stainless steel grinding components. The grinding chamber is made of corrosion-proof polymer. Both these materials are proven to last long, they are used in thousand of Waste King models sold over the years, so I am pretty confident that this disposal is going to last for a long time.

How easy is its installation?

9900TC is installed using a 3-bolt assembly. It is pretty strong and reduces vibrations. Either you can install it yourself, or hire a plumber, and the installation won’t take more than 30 minutes provided you have the plumping and wiring ready. Also since it comes with a pre-installed power cord you can simply plug it into the nearby socket, and operate it via a wall switch. Alternately there are air switches and a few other options you can use.

If you are replacing another 3-bolt model then the installation is much easier.

Is this disposal too costly?

Waste King 9900TC Garbage Disposal Review

No, Waste King is known for making wallet-friendly garbage disposals. You can check the current price of this disposal here.

My opinion

Except that this disposal doesn’t have a hex hole in case it runs into any problems (here is a list of common garbage disposal problems) this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a batch feed, 3-bolt mount disposal.

Some other good alternatives are;

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