How Much Does It Cost to Dump Tires?

Getting rid of old tires can be a hassle and one that is often put off until one random Saturday when it needs to be taken care of. So, where do you go, and how much does it cost to dump them?

To dump and get rid of tires, you will need to pay a price per ton or a price per tire when brought to a landfill. Prices range from $10 per tire to $44 per ton. Recycling is cheaper, costing about $3 per tire, and some tire companies will take or buy them too. 

So, what is the best way to get rid of a tire? And how much will it cost you?


Recycling old tires is the best option, and likely the only place some states allow old tires to go. Tires take up a lot of space in landfills, and they do not decompose. In fact, a quick Google search will tell you it takes 2 millennia for it to decompose (that’s 2,000 years).

If you want to know what the cost is for recycling, look below:

Rexburg, ID$4 (per tire)
Provo, UT$1 (per tire)
San Diego, CA$7 (per tire)
Tampa, FL$4-$11 (per tire)
Phoenix, AZ$0-$140 (per ton)
New York City, NY$2.50 (per tire)

Recycling tires is very cheap, and if your tires are nice enough, you can sell them for cheap. But, more on that later. If you need to find a recycling location close to you, then do a quick internet search and lookup recycling locations in your city. There are some tire stores that take tires from you, so you can see if someplace like Discount Tire is nearby and available to take your tires for you.

When you recycle tires, you are helping the environment a lot. The tires can be made into rubber ground at a playground, asphalt, and rubber mulch, and you can use them for some fun DIY projects like a tire swing. (Source)

If you have a nice backyard and you want to grow a garden, then using old tires as planters can be great! Repurposing tires is another aspect of recycling that is great for the environment. It is exactly what thrift stores do with clothes! They re-sell used clothes for you to buy and repurpose the item in your closet. So, find ways you can repurpose tires and see how it works out for you!


Dumping is possible, but in some states like Idaho, there are regulations that garbage and recycling companies need to follow. So, in Idaho, companies need to find a way to recycle all tires brought in. (Source)

If you want to get rid of your tires and you don’t care about where they go, then you can call your local garbage collector or garbage/recycling center and ask if they will take the tires. Chances are if you call a garbage center, then they will tell you to go to a recycling center. And after knowing that it takes 2,000 years for the tires to decompose, it makes sense.

So, call around and see if you can drop the tires off anywhere or if you need to pay for them to take them off your hands. Either way, it should be pretty cheap, and you won’t have tires in your garage or backyard anymore.

In general, if you can recycle an item, it is better to do so than to dump it. Now, it is common knowledge that items that go to your recycling bin are tossed in the same location, a landfill. But, there are big items like tires that are placed separately. They will either stay together in a pile doing nothing, or they can be reused for their rubber content.

There are many ways tires are reused. Think of the turf in a man-made football field. Think of the track that goes around the field. These places are made to be run on, and so there is some rubber built into it to make it a bit easier for your ankles and feet to run on than solid concrete. Go about your week and look out for all the ways rubber plays a role in your life, and think of the many ways tires can be reused.


There are many places to sell used tires. Some companies will pay for good condition used tires and they will fix them up to be resold. Other companies buy them from you and recycle them. You can also go to car shops and the shop will keep your old tires for you, which takes them off your hands and also gives them a direct way to be recycled.

You can sell your tires yourself and post about them on Craigslist, other selling sites, and This can make you some easy cash and it can go towards a date night out for ice cream! It’s the adult wins like this that make boring tasks fun!

Selling your used tires (if in good enough condition) is great because they can go to families that cannot afford regular-priced tires. One tire is pricy, but having to buy a whole new set of 4 is pretty costly and can be really hard to pay for. So, repurposing them for others is a great way to put your old tires to use.

Also, if you can make money from a little bit of work then why not? All you need to do is make a post on Facebook Marketplace for used tires, and then later someone will come to pick them up from you. So, you get a little cash for barely any effort! If you make $10-$25 from one purchase on your account, then that is your new treat money! Take your kids after school for a treat and make you their favorite. It will only cost you a few minutes of your time! You can also use it for a game, a date night, or something else you want or need.

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