Best trash cans for camping – Collapsible, Pop up trash cans

While camping or hiking it is always advised to carry a trash can to dispose of litter. Such trash cans need to be easily portable, lightweight, and durable. Pop-up or collapsible trash cans are this kind of portable garbage bin that you can easily take up on your journey.

There are many collapsible trash cans in the market. Here are the most popular ones;

Collapsible Trash can modelCapacity
1. Camco 42895 XL Collapsible Container39 gallons
2. Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can3930 gallons
3. Camp Chef Collapsible Garbage Can35 gallons
4. Toro 29210 43-Gallon Gardening Spring Bucket43 gallons
5. WORX WA0030 Landscaping 26-Gallon Collapsible Yard Waste Bag/Leaf Bin26 gallons
6. Wakeman Collapsible trash can33 & 43 gallons
A quick comparison table of collapsible trash cans

Camco 42895 XL Collapsible Container

This is a 39-gallon collapsible trash can suitable for camping, RVs, and also for storing sports/camping gear. It is only 2.5 inches thick when collapsed. This small size makes it very easy to store this pop-up trash can for transportation. Once expanded it reaches a height of 28 inches. This is a cylindrical trash bin, and it has a diameter of 22 inches.

It comes with three padded handles; two on the top side, and one on the bottom side. The bottom handle makes it easy to lift up the whole unit even when it is full.

Camco collapsible trash container is made of vinyl and it is semi-air/watertight. It will leak if you fill it up with water but it generally prevents leaking from the garbage.

The bottom of this collapsible trash can is made of the same vinyl material as the sides, it is not padded and doesn’t have any extra solid protection. So if you drag this trash can it is likely to rupture. One of the cons of this product is that it doesn’t have a lid. On the bright side it is easy to clean; just wash it with water, and do a little scrubbing if necessary.

Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can

This is a lightweight, 30-gallon pop-up trash can made of woven plastic. It weighs only 1.6 pounds. Once opened this bin reaches a height of 24 inches. This is cylindrical in shape, and its diameter is 19.5 inches.

This is one of the cheapest pop-up trash cans available in the market. To be honest it doesn’t look as good as the above product but it is good for the money. It comes with two handles, not padded though. Its bottom too is made of the same plastic material and is not reinforced so if you drag the bottom will rip.

One of the advantages of this trash can is that it comes with a zippable lid. It also has clips inside it that can hold a garbage bag even if the lid is closed.

The lid also has a small plastic pocket to hold any extra trash bags. It has two velcor tabs on either side to keep it compressed when not in use.

Camp Chef Collapsible Garbage Can

This collapsible trash can by Camp Chef can hold 35 gallons of garbage. When expanded it gets a height of 26 inches and a diameter of 20 inches. Just like the above product this Camp Chef garbage can comes with two handles (non-padded). It also has a built-in zippered lid to keep any pests away.

It is made of durable polyethylene (a common name for plastic). It is not entirely water-resistant, and its bottom is not spacially protected either. It comes with two loops on either side of the bottom to peg it so it won’t fly away in wind.

Toro 29210 43-Gallon Gardening Spring Bucket

This garbage can by Toro is bigger than all the others on this list. It can accommodate 43 gallons of garbage. When collapsed it is only 3 inches thick. It can expand up to 26 inches in height.

This is heavy-duty pop-up trash that can mainly be recommended for gardening. It comes with four handles; two each on top and bottom for easy mobility. One drawback of this model is that it doesn’t come with a lid. The can is perforated for easy drainage and airflow, so you cannot pour down any liquid wastes into it.

WORX WA0030 Landscaping 26-Gallon Collapsible Yard Waste Bag/Leaf Bin

When compared to other pop-up trash cans in this list this product from WORX is relatively small. It has a capacity of 26 gallons. It is 22 inches tall and 18.5 inches wide and can be collapsed to just 2 inches in thickness.

It is made with high-quality, heavy material which is tear-proof. It is porous so it doesn’t prevent water from leaking. Just like the Toro bin above this one is also mainly used for leaf collection and such garden works. However, this is a good choice for your camping trip as well.

This model tends to be a little more costly than the others in this list owing to better quality. If you are looking for a good quality collapsible trash can this is a good choice.

Wakeman Collapsible trash can

This collapsible trash can from Wakeman is one of the cheapest choices on this list. It is available in two capacities: 33 gallons and 44 gallons. The 33-gallon option has a height of 23.5 inches and a width of 19.5 inches. The 44-gallon option has a height of 27 inches and a width of 22 inches. Both are made of the same polypropylene material.

It comes with two handles, and velcro tabs for collapsed storage. The material is not entirely water-resistant but it will prevent leakages to a good extent. It is very similar to the Coughlan trash can in its construction.

The Wakeman trash can comes with a zippable lid which helps to keep insects and pests away. If you are looking for a cheap collapsible garbage can for your camping trips this one is a good choice.

Here are some common questions asked by people looking to buy pop up trash cans

Do pop-up trash cans need garbage bags

There is no rule saying you need to use a garbage bag inside a popup trash can. If you are on a camping trip I recommend using one. This prevents the bin from getting dirty. However, if you are collecting leaves from the garden using a liner is not very practical.

Also, these collapsible trash cans are not built to accommodate liners in general. Some models have clips inside them to hold trash bags however most models do not have that feature. It basically comes down to your preference whether or not to use bags.

How to clean a pop-up trash can?

Pop-up trash cans are made of vinyl/plastic materials that are washable. All you have to do is rinse the bag with water. You may need to do some scrubbing as well but I won’t recommend going hard because that may damage the trash can depending on its build quality.

How much does a collapsible trash can weigh?

A collapsible trash can weighs around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. They are meant to be easily portable so these types of trash cans are made of lightweight materials.

What materials are used to make pop-up trash cans?

Pop-up/collapsible trash cans are generally made of plastic, but their quality varies with brands and models. More durable models are made of Polyethelyne while cheaper and less durable ones are made of Polypropylene.

Collapsible trash can vs garbage bag holder – which is better for a camping trip?

I recommend using collapsible trash cans for camping trips as they are; collapsible. Garbage bag holders too can be dismantled and easily packed but pop-up trash cans are easier to use.

What is the average size of a collapsible trash can?

The most common size ranges from 30 to 40 gallons.

Best collapsible trash cans

Advantages of pop-up trash cans over other types

Easily portable

Pop-up trash cans are easily portable due to their collapsible nature and lightweight. They can be used in cars, RVs, camping, hiking trips, and on many other occasions. They are also a good choice for parties and other events.

Cheaper than a traditional trash can

Normal households are much costlier when compared to pop-up trash cans. An average pop-up trash can costs around $20 while a good kitchen trash can costs around $100. The cheapness of this type of trash can is owing to the cheap, plastic material used in its construction.

A good choice for storage and gardening requirements

Pop-up trash cans are used to collect leaves, grass clips, etc due to their ease of use. They also can be used to store tools and other such items.

Cons of pop-up trash cans

They are not leakproof

Collapsible trash cans are not leakproof. They are made of plastic which is leak-resistant, however, this plastic has tiny holes in them so this is not 100% water-resistant.

Not durable enough to be used in a kitchen

You cannot replace a normal kitchen trash can with a pop-up one. They are less sturdy and tend to deform easily. They also won’t last as long as normal kitchen trash cans.

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