Best wire mesh trash cans for home and office use

When it comes to wire mesh trash cans there aren’t many options. It is true that there are many models available in the market but all of them looks the same; most of them are black, and with the same shape. But this akes it pretty difficult to find out a good quality product because the differences between these mesh wire trash can models are very few.

So I made a short list of the best wire mesh trash cans based on customer reviews from online stores. Here is it;

Trash can modelCapacity
1. AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Can Waste Basket4.5 gallons
2. Rolodex Mesh Round Wastebasket4.5 gallons
3. Safco 9 gallon mesh trash can9 gallons
4. Greenco Mesh Wastebasket6 gallons

1. AmazonBasics Mesh Trash Can Waste Basket

AmazonBasics mesh trash can is the best rated trash can in my list. Just like all AmazonBasics products it is cheap and good in quality.

This is a 4.5 gallon size trash can which is made of durable steel wire mesh. Its bottom and top edges are reinforced with metal. It has a flared cylindrical shape with a wide opening. It is a little more than 11 inches wide at the top, while the bottom diameter is 9.25 inches. It has a height of 14.25 inches, and weighs around 1.3 pounds.

Even though this trash can is light in weight it is stable and doesn’t topple over easily. It is covered under a 1-year warranty. This is an excellent choice for the office as well as home use.

2. Rolodex Mesh Round Wastebasket

Rolodex wire mesh trash can is very similar to the AmazonBasics product in design and construction. It is made of steel wire mesh, and is reinforced with solid metal edging and a solid metal bottom. It can hold 4.5 gallons of garbage. It has a height of 14.25 inches, top width exceeding 11 inches and its bottom side is 9.25 inches wide; which are exactly the dimensions of the above product.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.

In addition to the same construction the Rolodex, and AmazonBasics trash cans are priced very similarly. So between these two models buy the one that is cheaper.

3. Safco 9 gallon mesh trash can

This Safco trash can is the biggest in this list. It has a capacity of 9 gallons which is double the capacity of the above two models. Its opening is 13 inches wide, and the unit has a height of 19.5 inches. It is a round, tapered trash can but with a curved shape to the top.

The wire mesh is made of steel, and the top and bottom are reinforced just like the other trash cans in this list.

I couldn’t find any warranty information on this product.

4. Greenco Mesh Wastebasket

This is a cheap but stable mesh trash can suitable for office as well as home use. Unlike the other models in this list, this one has a square bottom (and a square top too.) Its bottom measures 8 x 8 inches, and the top measures 10.25 x 10.25 inches. The overall height is 13.25 inches.

It can hold 6-gallons of trash.

Just like the other models in this list, this model by Greenco is made of steel mesh, and is reinforced at the top and the bottom.

In my opinion the square edges are likely to dent even on small impacts but if are looking for a really cheap trash can this is a good choice.

A few things to know about mesh type garbage cans

Mesh type garbage cans are really cheap when compared to many other types of trash cans. But they are aesthetically pleasing as well. All of them have that industrial design which looks great in an office (whether that is home or outside) environment. They are a cheap investment that can last for a long time.

Wire mesh trash cans are mainly used to store lightweight and dry materials like paper pieces and such. They are not designed for heavy-duty usage as the mesh will easily dent on impact. The worst place to use this kind of garbage bin is the kitchen, this is not a good choice to dump your food wastes into.

Mesh type garbage bins can be used with liners, you can simply put a liner in it, and take it out when it is full. However as this kind of bins doesn’t come with a lid, and since they don’t have anything to hold the liners in place, this could be a bad idea. Using a liner will also affect the looks.

I prefer buying a mesh garbage can in person from a store to buying online. The reason is these trash cans are likely to get dented on transport. While online sellers have no problem sending a replacement, the hassle is not worth it. If I am buying directly from a store, I can inspect it for dents and I will be careful not to dent it on the way home.

The wire mesh of these garbage cans are made of steel, and they are usually powder coated. However this does not entirely prevent them from rusting, so these types of bins are not a good option for wet areas or wet garbage.

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