These 13 gadgets will make your kitchen smarter

The world is getting smarter, and kitchens too. Here is a list of 13 smart gadgets that can make your cooking easy and hassle-free.

1. Amazon Dash Wand

Amazon dash wand is a cool gadget for your kitchen. Go to your fridge, see what items you are running low on, take your Dash Wand out, scan the barcodes of those items or just say them, like “strawberries”. Those items will be added automatically to your Amazon shopping cart. No more writing on the paper, no more manual add to carting, this device makes it all very easy. It can be connected to Amazon Echo so you can use Alexa skills, get recipes and know whether! Yes, the Amazon Dash Wand is magical, Avada Kedavra.

2. Hiku

Hiku is exactly like the Amazon Dash Wand except it doesn’t look like a wand and doesn’t allow you to order from Amazon. But it works with Walmart Grocery and PeaPod. For those Amazon haters, this is the best alternative to the Dash Wand. It feeds the list you say to a smartphone. You can either send that list to these online platforms or do the shopping manually, ticking off what you bought. While it is not as smart as the Wand it gets things done, after all, that’s what all gadgets are for.

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3. Wink Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray

Do I need any eggs? Ever asked that question yourself? The Wink Egg Minder Gadget by Quirky will give you the answer. It is an egg tray just like any other, but smarter. It has sensors that can connect to your smartphone and tell you how many eggs are there. It will even indicate which eggs are older and when they are going to go bad. And the container is really awesome. A fun gadget that is worth the money.

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4. Amazon Echo

If you have ever been to you know what Echo is, they advertise it everywhere. This is mostly Amazon’s answer to Siri and Google Now, but on a different level. This is a cool gadget and everyone will fall in love with it. With the advent of home automation, Alexa will improve a lot in the coming years. While it can be used anywhere in the home this will make a nice companion in the kitchen. It can give you recipes, play music, talk about the weather, do unit conversions, and whatnot.

5. Wemo Light Switch

Want to turn your porch lights on from the kitchen? Use Wemo. It is a smart, Android, iOs compatible wall switch. You can easily control the lights at your home from the kitchen or from the other end of the world. It can also be integrated with amazon echo, so switching lights on and off is just a word away.

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6. Ivee Sleek

Ivee is a sleek, well-designed gadget that you will mistake for a costly bedside clock. But it does more than tell you time. It is a smart, smartphone-compatible, voice-activated device that can work with other home automation devices like Nest, Lowes Iris, Wemo, Staples Connect, and more. This is similar to Alexa but has miles to go to be a worthy competitor. Nevertheless, it is a great kitchen companion.

7. Triby – Smart Portable Speaker

Triby doesn’t bring you tons of apps. It doesn’t have tons of features. You can’t control anything in your home with it. Conclusion: I love Triby. It is a simple portable speaker which can play radio, call people handsfree and receive messages. A hands-free device is all I want when working in the kitchen, it doesn’t bother me with hundreds of its features. It does only a small number of things but does them smartly. You can also make Triby smarter by connecting with Amazon echo where it will work as Alexa’s assistant.

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8. Wemo Crock Pot Slow Cooker

This is another smart product by Wemo for your kitchen. This time we are talking about a real kitchen appliance; a smart slow cooker. You can connect to the cooker with your smartphone. The Wemo app lets you set the temperature and cook time. You can cook from your office and get a steaming hot dish just when you arrive home. Smart, isn’t it?

9. June Intelligent Oven

This is definitely an intelligent system. It can recognize what you are cooking and make recommendations. The inbuilt HD camera actually allows you to see the cooking (You can make a time-lapse video and post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok.) It has tons of sensors that are used for various functions. With over 50 preset programs it gives you recommendations for ideal cooking. The June Intelligent Oven may be a big investment but everything about it is smart.

10. Perfect Bake Pro

Perfect bake pro is a smart weighing scale that completely eliminates the need for measuring cups. Its app comes with hundreds of recipes. You can set the serving size and it will tell you the amount of ingredients needed. Just add those ingredients on the scale till it says ‘stop’. You can use any bowl of any size. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Perfect Bake Pro is a smart and easy-to-use gadget for cooking your favorite dishes, smartly.

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11. Drop Kitchen Scale

Drop is a smart kitchen scale like ‘Perfect Bake Pro’, But here you can measure the weights only if it is connected to a smartphone or tablet because unlike the latter product Drop doesn’t have an inbuilt scale. But it also has pros in case you are short on one ingredient the app will automatically scale the volumes of other ingredients. It will also suggest alternative ingredients if you lack any.

12. Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

For those who love Sous Vide, the Anova Precision Cooker is a must-have. It is easy to use, you can use any pot and it is smartphone compatible. You can use its app to control the temperature settings from home or work. The app also features hundreds of recipes so you can make delicious meals all time.

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13. Nest Protect

Another great product by Nest, the company I love so much. Like its other products Nest invested a lot in this fire alarm’s design. It is sleek and smart. It can detect smoke and carbon monoxide in the air, and announce where the smoke is so people can move away safely. It is connected to your smartphone which allows you to control the device and it also sends notifications if there is any emergency. And it lights your way in the dark! Does your fire alarm do all these? Time to move to Nest Protect – protecting you smarter.

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