What Should I do with Old Xbox Games

Are you in possession of a large amount of old Xbox games? Perhaps you’ve got them all in a bin, or on a shelf, just collecting dust. Whatever the reason, whether you upgraded to a new console and don’t want to bother with the old one anymore or you just lost interest in a few of your less played games, you’re here because you want to know what the best thing to do with them would be.

Some of the best things to do with old Xbox games include donating them, exchanging them at a game store, selling them, gifting them to a friend, and recycling them. In addition, it may be worth playing them again and keeping them in case the desire to do so again arises in the future.

If you want to know the pros and cons of the above options, then you are in the right place. Read on to find out more about what to do with your old Xbox games!

Donate Them

Some thrift stores will allow you to donate your old games to resell. This is a great way to get rid of old games if you want them gone fast, especially if some of them are rather undesirable or unpopular (making them more difficult to sell yourself). Some non-profit organizations will also accept old video games, as well as the consoles that they may have come with.

Exchange them at GameStop or a Similar Video Games Store for Cash or Store Credit

If you’re not willing to let go of your old games without getting at least something back in return, then this may be the option for you. Video game stores like Game Stop will let you bring in almost any old game and reimburse you with either in-store credit (most common) or sometimes even cash. There is one type of game that GameStop will not accept, though, and that’s sports games more than 3 years old. Nobody wants to buy those, and they know that.

GameStop receives regular criticism for its poor trade-in reimbursement, but if you turn in your old games on a day when they are offering bonus trade-in credit, it can often be worth your while. Some days, you will be seeing as much as an extra 40% in trade-in credit. If you have a horde of old games you’re looking to offload, looking out for a similar offer would likely be very much worth the wait (source). You may be able to rack in $100 plus worth of credit if you’re lucky!

Sell Them

Selling your old games can be an excellent way to rack up some quick cash. A lot of old games still hold substantial value on the secondhand market. If a game was especially popular in its time, there’s a good chance that someone may still be trying to get their hands on it even still. Uber popular games in some cases can fetch almost new prices, or sometimes prices beyond the initial selling price if they are popular but hard to find.

You can try selling your old games in a rummage sale, but this will often net you less than ideal profits. The best method for selling old games is probably listing them on multiple online shopping sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace and seeing which one will attract the highest price. If you happen to have an old console you are trying to get rid of too, then it may be worth it to bundle in your old games with it and increase the price accordingly.

Give Them to a Friend

Some people have a nostalgia for older consoles, like previous generations of the Xbox console, that keeps them using them for a long time after they have faded out in favor of new ones. If you have a friend that fits this description, a good option is to ask them if they want any games out of the ones you have. This way, there’s already a perfect match for a new home for your old game. Plus, you have the added benefit of your friend knowing you’re looking out for them.

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Keep Them to Give to Future Generations

If you are, or you’re planning on becoming a parent at any point in the future, this may be something good to consider. While you may feel like you have outgrown your old games, your current or future children may not have! Think of the memories you will be able to have watching them play your old favorites again, or even play them with them! If the storage space required is not a big deal for you, then this may be the way to go. Old video games can be a gateway to your past that you can share with generations to come! Old Xboxes can last pretty much forever if they are maintained properly.

Recycle Them

Your old games may or may not hold much resale value or sentimental value for you. If they are low on both, it’s probably worth it to try just recycling them and thus being rid of them entirely. Most electronic recycling stores will take video games, and dispose of them properly for you. Throwing them in the trash is not the best for the environment due to the fact that they take an incredibly long time to decompose, and burning them gives off toxic fumes. Turning them in for free to recycle at an electronics store is also a possible option.

Play Them Again

Just discovered an old box of classics from another time? The best option for you may be to do with them what they were made for: playing them! Despite graphics that may not be up to snuff compared to today’s stuff, games from one or two Xbox generations before the current one are often a ton of fun. Some would argue that many are even more fun than many of their more modern contemporaries. If you’ve still got the console to play them with, throwing away those older Xbox games you’ve got may be a mistake!

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