What Should I do with Old Apple Products

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Apple products are some of the most game-changing electronics out there. They have amazing technologies and are constantly moving forward into the future of modern technology. This, however, has a downside, which means there is a constant flow of old Apple products that don’t get used anymore.

Old Apple products can be sold if they’re in good condition, turned in to Apple recycling or trade-in locations, and properly recycled through a few different sources, including ones that will buy the device for the electronic parts if the device doesn’t work as well anymore.

There’s such a wide variety of ways to deal with an old device that won’t get used and each of them has benefits and some drawbacks that are worth exploring to ensure that the old device will still be used or cycled in the best manner possible.

Apple Trade-In

Apple as a company has made it incredibly easy to trade in old products to get credit for a new device or even just an Apple gift card. They’re devoted to making sure that their products are able to cause the least amount of damage to the environment and be used to the most of their capacity. They’ll refurbish and fix any older model as needed when it is traded in, however, the trade-in system has some caveats.

They have to make an estimate for how much the trade-in would be worth and then can give either the credit for in-store purchases or an Apple gift card for other purchases, most likely and usually online. This is a great way and incentive for old consumers of Apple products to upgrade to the next generation.

This is a great way to also get rid of old devices and not have them sitting in a drawer for years, unused and taking up space when they could be used in ways that would benefit the environment and perhaps someone else if they still function in a reasonably well fashion. (Source)

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Apple Recycling Services

In addition to their trade-in system, Apple also provides a free recycling service for any sort of tablet and privately owned device. This is in direct partnership and with their own products trade-in system, such as if a device doesn’t meet their estimate for any worth, the customer could still hand over the device to be recycled for free whereas some places require payment to process recycling of electronic devices due to them being somewhat volatile and dangerous. (Source)

Apple has recycling services all over the globe to help properly dispose of a wide variety of electronic devices, most specifically their own, but they won’t say no to other electronic devices. They also have an amazing robotic process that takes apart old models to use the parts or work on getting pieces that can be reused. (Source)

Recycling is a huge problem for electronic devices, especially as the devices become obsolete. The components of a smart device can be toxic sometimes when broken down or create waste that just fills landfills. Apple as a company invested in a recycling robot named Daisy that breaks down old iPhones and other devices for raw materials like aluminum, tin, and cobalt. (Source)

Selling to a New Owner

If trading in isn’t in the cards, there are still other options, especially for devices that still function somewhat well. Most places prefer that a device is in working order and with minimal damage so that it can last for someone who doesn’t mind an older product for longer.

There are several different markets to sell on to get rid of these old devices and some people might even be interested in damaged products just to potentially fix and refurbish the devices themselves. The only way to know is to list the old device and try to sell it to someone who could benefit from the old device.

This can be and is done most commonly on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. The downside of both is that FaceBook Marketplace is very much area restricted since the person selling would have to meet with and arrange the purchase from the buyer. And eBay would leave the seller trying to sort out shipping potentially.

Either way, both methods would get rid of the little-used and older device. If choosing to go this route, keep in mind that it is important to list a fair price for the older product. It shouldn’t reflect the newer models’ price on the market or even the price of an old one. Make sure to include the condition of the device, and be transparent about this and forthcoming in the condition to keep the seller satisfied with the purchase as well as keep the business honest and legitimate.

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Selling for Parts

If the device is unusable, it might be best to just sell it for parts. There are a few different places that will buy the device from the owner specifically for the parts regardless of the condition of the device. It might fetch a higher price if it was in better condition, but it wouldn’t be denied simply for not turning on or being a cracked screen.

One such online place is uSell. They’ll buy broken or used phones interchangeably and are credited with being a legitimate service that will pay for the old device and they’re not limited only to Apple devices, which makes them highly diverse and able to take a few different types of tablets, phones, and other older electronics.

It can even be attempted to sell for parts on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, though the likelihood that this will be as effective as selling someplace that specializes in buying broken or used is slim. It is usually safer and more cost-efficient to trust a place that specializes in it and is for that specifically rather than an anonymous buyer who might not have read all of the listings and would blame the seller rather than their own reading skills for the mess up on their part.

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