Recycling an Old Kindle

Amazon is famous for many things, and one of them is its invention of the Kindle. Over a decade has passed and e-books have become a thing of the past for most thanks to audiobooks and smartphones. So, how do you recycle your old Kindle?

To recycle a Kindle, contact the original manufacturer. Many technology companies participate in e-recycling, so the device will be resold for parts or refurbished. Selling or donating the Kindle privately is applicable, but disposing of the device in landfills is not advised due to climate change.

To find out more about how e-readers can hurt the environment and additional ways to repurpose your old technology, continue reading below.

What is E-Waste?

When disposing of an old but functioning Kindle, it is considered to be electronic waste.

Electronic waste, otherwise known as e-waste, is a term used to categorize old electronics that are nearing but have not ended their working lives. E-waste is advised to be resold for parts to technology companies or donated for recycling. The term e-waste specifically categorizes the kind of technology that despite having the ability to be reused, will most likely end up in landfills when not passed through the proper hands. (Source)

So, why is it so bad for e-waste to end up in landfills?

40 million metric tons of e-waste are produced around the world each year. This phenomenon impacts human and environmental health due to improper e-waste management. For example, old electronics may be burned in open spaces or acid baths to retrieve specific parts or metals such as gold. This process releases toxic substances into the air we breathe and does not give the best results. 50 to 80 percent of e-waste is burned, dismantled, or shredded and ends up in various locations on our planet’s surface. (Source)

Additionally, the waste in the Kindle’s batteries harms the environment and local employee health. So, when e-waste is not taken care of properly, it harms everyone’s health, not just the planet’s.

The Quickest Way to Get Rid of a Kindle

Unfortunately, the quickest way to get rid of a Kindle is to throw the device away in the dump. However, it is strongly advised to recycle for the reasons stated above. Some landfills will not even accept old technology because of the impact it can have on the environment.

So what should you do with an old Kindle? You recycle! Luckily, there are many ways to recycle and make some extra cash.

Recycling a Kindle through Amazon

The easiest and sometimes quickest way to recycle a Kindle is to go through Amazon.

Amazon has a recycling program for all of its electronic products, including your aging Kindle. You can ship your old device back to the company free of charge. All personal identification and information will be destroyed and customer service can answer any additional concerns you have about your specific order. (Source)

You can also trade in your device. Once your old Kindle reaches an Amazon warehouse, you will receive an online gift card. The amount you will receive varies depending on how old your device is, the quality of the device, and how much use they have for the parts that they can extract from your old Kindle.

Recycling Locally and Selling

Another way to recycle your device is to contact your local electronics disposal. eRecyc is one of the leading e-waste companies in the United States and is completely certified, so you can rest assured that your technology will steer clear of landfills. This is a great option if your Kindle is completely destroyed and has no chance of being used for parts. Contacting your city is another great resource, especially if there are no e-waste companies in your area. (Source)

You can also recycle your Kindle by selling it, either privately online or with another company. There are various online platforms where you can safely sell your devices such as Facebook Marketplace, KSL, Radio Shack, and eBay. There are also companies that purchase old devices such as Old Kindles will typically sell for under 70 dollars, but the newer devices can go for over 100 dollars depending on the Kindle model and condition. It is best to do a good amount of research on your specific device before recycling it so you can get the best deal. (Source)


If you’re not in it for the money, donating your old Kindle to charity is the best way to recycle. You can search for educational charities, low-income families, or retirement homes that are looking for this kind of technology. E-readers can be used for textbooks, which limits the amount of paper produced. They are also compact and lightweight, which is perfect for the modern student.

Iserotope is one such organization that uses Kindles in the classroom. Founded in 2011, Kindles are donated to Oakland Middle School. This school utilizes the Kindle device for textbooks and so far, more than 1,200 people have donated their old Kindles from around the world. Today, each student has a working Kindle.

E-readers can also be used for their original purpose – reading for fun. This option is great for traveling or passing time at home. Although smartphones are the new norm, Kindles are not useless! They are great tools if taken advantage of, and that is why repurposing is a great option for this powerful technology rather than throwing it in the dump.

Thanks to modern media, there are so many ways to properly recycle or repurpose your old, but working, Kindle device. There are online retailers, schools, and charities that would love to accept the technology you have available. Throwing your device into a landfill is not a safe option for anyone, so going through the right sources and recycling e-waste is always the way to go.

Amazon is eager to do trade-ins or recycle your device. It is a great gig for customers as well! You can always give the device to a friend or donate to your local charity.

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