How to Recycle a Duvet

Since duvets tend to lose their quality as they’re used over time, one must make the decision of what to do with their old bedspread. Although you can’t directly put your duvet in a recycling bin, there are endless options to dispose of or keep it so it gets reused.

When throwing out a duvet, it can’t be put in a recycling bin. Other ways you can recycle one is by donating it to a shelter or charity, repurposing it by creating new items with the fabric, sending it to a thrift shop, or maybe even taking it to a textile recycling program.

You can get creative with this and find a new use for the duvet in almost any way. Here are the top ways to recycle your duvet that are meaningful or useful.

Make A Decision Based On The Fabric

First and foremost, take note of what the duvet is made of. Depending on the fabric, this will affect how you want to recycle it.

For example, if there are feathers inside of the duvet, you can compost those feathers before you use the outside fabric. Unless you decide to use the feathers for a pillow or other purpose, you should compost them, and they will naturally decompose. (source)

If you are thinking about upcycling or making a new item with the fabric, just make sure it’s the right material you want/need for that item.

Donate: Shelters, Thrift Shops, And Charities

Donating to a homeless shelter

Handing over your duvet to a homeless shelter is one of the best ways to recycle. Doing this provides warmth and comfort for someone in need, and gets the old blanket bedspread off your hands.

Each town and city are different, so you can choose one in your area that you know of or have volunteered at before. If you’re unsure where a homeless shelter is nearby, you can contact the local police department to locate where there is a shelter that accepts bedding

Before donating, the duvet should be washed, and it’s best to call the shelter beforehand.

Donating to a charity

Charities are another great way to recycle your duvet to someone who could really benefit from it. Depending on where you live, there could be local charities available, or you can browse the internet. You can choose a cause you want to support by donating your duvet whether it’s for children, veterans, hospital patients, etc.

There are many different charities to choose from, one example is the charity called Quilts for Kids.

Quilts for Kids is a non-profit that collects fabrics and makes them into patchwork quilts to comfort children who are dealing with a serious illness, trauma, abuse, or natural disasters. You can sew your duvet into a quilt and request a pre-made quilting kit from them, which only requires you to pay six dollars for shipping. (source)

Sewing your duvet to be a quilt is fairly easy and will open the doors for many donations you can donate to. If you just want to donate the duvet itself, there are still plenty of charities who will take your duvet the way it is and put it towards a good cause.

Donating to an animal shelter

Animal shelters take blanket and duvet donations just like other shelters. Once again, you will have to figure out which ones are in your area and call them to make sure they will accept your duvet.

Donating to one of these will give the animals warmth and comfort that they can sleep in while they stay there. Often animals at shelters and rescues have been traumatized when they’re found, so extra comfort for them will be a great cause. (source)

Donating to a local thrift shop

This is most likely the easiest way to donate your duvet. Most local thrift shops have a drive-through, where you don’t even need to go inside the store. Whether it’s Goodwill or a local thrift shop, this is an effective way to reuse your bedding.

Repurpose Your Duvet

If you can’t quite let go and want to reuse the fabric for something else, the upcycling options are honestly limitless.

You could make small altercations turning it into a quilt, beach mat, pet bed, picnic blanket, tote bag, and much more.

Making it into a beach mat, picnic blanket, or quilt:

Based on the duvet you have, you can find detailed tutorials online to guide you through each step. This is an easy way to repurpose it because you really only need to do some cutting and then sewing.

If you wanted to make a waterproof beach mat or picnic blanket, you can sew a shower curtain liner onto one side of the duvet. This makes it perfect for sitting outside. (source)

As for other items to make, like a tote bag or pillowcase, there are more tutorials on the internet that go through each step. Using the fabric to create something new gives you plenty of options.

Here’s a small list of different creations to be made from your duvet:

  • Projector screen
  • Apron
  • Rags
  • Coolbox
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Use it wherever you use stuffing
  • Plant cover
  • Outdoor couch/chair cushions

Textile Reuse & Recycling

Recycling your duvet to a textile reuse and recycling organization will ensure that the fabric will be used for something new. These places will take in your ripped shirts, stained fabric, and just about anything. If it’s a clothing piece that can no longer be worn or bedding that no longer can be used, they will turn them into rags or used as fiber for car seats, pillows, stuffed animals, soundproof insulation, and more. (source)

You can ask your town if they have any textile recycling programs.

Just like recycling bins, some towns have started to set out clothing donation bins. An organization called Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) collects textiles to reuse and helps people find where to recycle their textiles. It’s available on their website how to contact them, and you could find a program to take your duvet to. (source)

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