How to Dispose of Razor Blades

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There are razor blades within almost every home for different reasons. Some of these blades are used for shaving while others are used for at-home projects or crafts. But how exactly should razor blades be disposed of?

The safest way to dispose of razor blades is to either place them into a blade bank (or a sharp object container) or by covering the blades with paper and tape to reduce the risk of being cut while taking out the trash. Razor blades can be recycled locally when stored in a metal blade bank.

Learning about different methods of disposing of razor blades can be beneficial in figuring out which method is best for you. A compilation of various methods of disposing of razor blades has been provided below.

Safe Disposal of Razor Blades

It is important to make sure the razor blades are not exposed when being disposed of. This can be achieved in a few different ways. The first option is to place the razor blades into a blade bank. A blade bank is a container that is made specifically for storing used razor blades. These can be either purchased or made at home.

If the blade bank is not made of metal, it will not be able to be recycled but are able to be safely disposed of in the garbage. The container provides a way to safely dispose of the blades in the household garbage without having to worry about any injuries. (Source)

Another method for safely disposing of razor blades is using a sharp object box. These can be purchased (or at no cost depending on your location) at a local pharmacy. Sharp object boxes can also be obtained online, through medical providers, or through health care providers. Like needles, razor blades are able to be safely stored in these plastic containers. After filling the sharp object box, it is important to tape the top to make sure that no razor blades are going to accidentally fall out. (Source)

When a sharp object container cannot be obtained, any heavy plastic container can be used, such as an empty laundry detergent bottle.

Full sharp object boxes can be dropped off at a local pharmacy for safe disposal, or even just placed within your household garbage. The plastic containers allow for the risk of injury from the discarded razor blades to be eliminated.

The final method for disposing of razor blades safely is to cover the blades. Rather than just discarding the blades as they are, it is safer if they are covered with paper and tape of some sort to reduce the risk of injury.

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Why is it important to Safely Dispose of Razor Blades?

It is important to take precautions when disposing of razor blades to avoid future injury. When razor blades are just loosely placed into a garbage bag, they can find their way to the edge of the bag. This makes it more likely that someone will get cut on the lost razor blades inside the garbage bags.

It is important to try and reduce the chance of razor blade-related injury. Especially if the blades have been previously exposed to blood. Getting cut by a razor blade with dried blood could lead to medical issues. Many old razor blades might have spots with rust, it is also important to avoid getting injured by these blades because the rust could lead to medical issues as well.

Loose razor blades can also be a danger to animals. Once the garbage is taken to a landfill, it becomes possible that these razor blades could become exposed. Animals who are scavenging for food in the garbage could be exposed to one of these razor blades.

Things to Consider when Disposing of Razor Blades

It is important to consider the risk of potential harm or danger that is associated with razor blades. Disposing of razor blades should be done cautiously to avoid exposure to injury.

It is also important to consider the dangers of leaving used razor blades out. Not only will these blades likely rust while being exposed, but there is the risk that someone who shouldn’t have a blade would be able to obtain them. This could lead to other injuries.

How to Recycle Razor Blades

Used razor blades are able to be recycled at your local recycling plant. If these blades have been collected specifically in a metal blade bank, the entire container can just be placed into the metal bin at the recycling plant. It is important to make sure the blade bank is completely sealed before placing it into the recycling bin. A tightly sealed blade bank will eliminate the risk of the blades falling out and cutting employees working at the recycling plant.

Metal blade banks are able to be purchased online or can even be created at home.

Razor blades that are recycled are melted down and repurposed. This allows less waste to end up in landfills throughout the world.

Creating your own Blade Bank

There are a few materials to consider when creating your own blade bank. The first material is just for safely storing razor blades and is not something that can be easily recycled, this material is heavy plastic. It is crucial to make sure that the container you are storing your blades in is made of heavy plastic. This plastic material is more durable than thinner plastics and is safer for holding sharp objects.

Another material that can be used is glass. It is important when using glass to store your used blades in to keep them in a safe place where children are unable to reach them.

The most recommended material for blade banks is metal. Using metal for your blade bank allows you to easily recycle your used blades. This can easily be made by using any can that holds liquid, such as tomato juice or condensed milk. The liquid inside can be drained fairly easily by poking two small holes in the bottom. After pouring the liquid into another container, it can be rinsed out. At the top of the can, cut a slit. The blades can then be stored by placing them in the can through the slit. (Source)

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