How Much Do Garbage Truck Drivers Make? (With 20 Salary Examples)

Garbage truck drivers are important parts of our society and are essential to a clean world. Trash collectors make a variety of different salaries. However, how much do garbage truck drivers make on average per year?

Garbage truck drivers make an average of $41,544 a year. A driver’s salary is controlled by the location the driver is working in, the number of hours worked, and the company they are working for. A garbage truck driver’s salary can get as high as $55,543, and wages are always increasing.

Included below is a compiled list of garbage truck drivers’ salaries. Keep reading to find out more!

20 Garbage Truck Drivers Salaries

Here we have twenty different salaries for garbage truck drivers depending on the state they live in and the company they work for. It will narrow down on their salary per hour and their estimated salary per year.

Position Salary per hourLocationCompany
Garbage Truck/ Side Garbage Driver$23 to 26 an hourLehi, UTCody Ekker Construction, Inc
Garbage Truck Driver – Roll Off$24.50 an hourMelbourne, CAWaste Connections
Truck Driver $28 to 33 an hourGrand Junction, COUnited Companies
Garbage Truck Driver$18 – $23 an hourBroward County, FLPaul Bange Roofing
Garbage Truck Low Boy Water Truck Driver CDL$21 – 26 an hourReno, NVGradex Construction
Garbage Truck Driver $24 – 27 an hourPhoenix, AZVeteran Erosion Services
Green Island Excavation Demolition$25 – 31 an hourLemont, ILGreen Island Excavation Demolition
End Garbage Driver CDL$20 – 30 an hourHouston, TXE-Transports, LLC
CDL Garbage Truck Driver$26 – 30 an hourArlington, WANew life rockeries
Garbage Truck Driver $18 – 30 an hourRathdrum, ID 83858CDA Paving and Concrete Specialties
Side Garbage Driver $22 an hourJackson, WYOftedal Construction, Inc
CDL Garbage Truck Driver$22 – 30 an hourSummerville, SCIndigo Pools
Garbage Truck Driver$22 an hourRapid City, SDFord Trucking
CDL Driver$20 – 35 an hourVAConfidential
Garbage Truck Driver$19 – 21 an hourAtlanta, GAPatterson Services, Inc
Truck Driver$22 an hourAlbuquerque, NMProDrivers
Roll-Off Truck Driver$18 – 20 an hourDaphne, Al 36526Big Red Container
Driver, Construction Garbage Truck$18 – 21 an hourCharlestown, RIChampion Trucking Company, Inc
Quad Axle Garbage Truck Driver$20 – 35 an hourGreen Bay, WI 54311Kruczek Const.
CDL Truck Driver$20 – 25.50 an hourWichita, KS 67203Koss Construction Company
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A Day in a Life of a Garbage Truck Driver

Are you considering becoming a garbage truck driver? Here is some information about the job and the details regarding their salaries.

Hours a Week

Want to know how many hours you would be working if you were to become a garbage truck driver? Garbage Truck Drivers typically work an average of up to 40 hours a week, 8-10 hours a day, and have weekends off. The hours per week are on a full-time basis and are based on the hours that you and your company desire.

Time Off

Time off during any job is important to know before deciding whether or not to take the job. Typically, trash collectors will usually get two weeks of paid time off a year. This is the average amount of time that most employees in the U.S. receive for paid time off.

Full-Time Benefits

Trash collectors get full-time benefits too! Some of the benefits a garbage truck driver might receive are:

  • 401(k) matching
  • Insurance (dental, health, vision)
  • Paid Time Off

These are just some of the obvious benefits you would receive by becoming a garbage truck driver. The benefits will vary depending on what company you work for.


There are certain responsibilities that garbage truck drivers must do throughout their shift. Here are some of those things.

  • Load and unload cargo
  • Safely operate a garbage truck
  • Document activity logs properly
  • Report issues to dispatch
  • Inspect truck before and after shift


In order to become a garbage truck driver, there are certain things you must be able to do. Here are some of those things.

  • Experience in truck driving
  • Must have a commercial driver’s license
  • CDL Required
  • Strong work ethic
  • Able to physically handle the load
  • Meet MVR Qualifications
  • Mechanical Experience and Commercial Driving Experience (Preferred)

Time of Shifts

Do you want to know the different shift times that are typically available for garbage truck drivers? Shifts for garbage truck drivers usually start early in the morning at 5-6 in the morning. Morning shifts will then end around 3 pm. There are night shifts available as well if working in the evening is better for you.

The night shifts will normally start at around 7-8 pm and end around 10-11 pm. All these shifts depend on the company and will vary depending on the times the garbage trucks need to go out in the morning and at night.

What it’s Actually Like Working as a Garbage Truck Driver

Garbage truck drivers can be seen as dirty, unfriendly, and unimportant. Realistically, garbage truck drivers are kind-hearted people who just want to do their job, and trash collectors are some of the most important jobs in the world. Below are some examples of just how everyone should view garbage truck drivers and why their job is so important.

When searching for other people’s opinions on garbage truck drivers, we found a guy saying, “My 3-year-old loves rushing outside to see you and the truck when he hears you coming, screaming “HI!!” at the top of his lungs.” This shows just how important and even loved a garbage truck driver is.

Another man told the story of his uncle working as a garbage truck driver. He said, “His pay was about 30 K, and the rest he made with what he found and sold.” This man not only earned 30 K a year, but he also found items in the garbage while at work to sell and earn more money.

Working as a garbage truck driver is essential to our society in terms of cleanliness. If we didn’t have garbage collectors, our streets would be filled with trash and our livelihoods would be at risk. It’s a job that just has to get done, so any person who decides to be one is doing our world a big favor!

More Details on Salary Table

Garbage Truck/Side Garbage Driver In Lehi, UT

Lehi, UT has a great opportunity to become a garbage truck driver full-time. You could get up to $26 an hour. There are even amazing benefits like a retirement plan and paid time off. There is also a safety bonus if you are worried about that.

Garbage Truck Driver-Roll off in Melbourne, CA

Do you live in Melbourne, CA, and want to become a garbage truck driver? Places like Waste Connections in California are always hiring. They talk in their application about how you would be part of a team by working as a garbage truck driver. Feeling like you belong is always an important aspect of a job.

Truck Driver in Grand Junction, CO

This job shows exactly how safe and successful working as a garbage truck driver can be. They go through all the necessary steps to do it the safe, right way. They even talk about how they are proud of their heritage and how they are a family business. Working as a truck driver might be great for you!

Garbage Truck Driver in Broward County, FL

This example of a garbage truck driver helps to show how beneficial a job like this would be. This full-time job that can pay up to $23 an hour gives its employees tons of benefits. Health insurance, retirement plan, and paid time off help make this job irresistible.

Garbage Truck Low Boy Water Truck Driver CDL in Reno, NV

This specific position at Grandex Construction can pay up to $26 an hour. They are clear with their responsibilities, roles, and qualifications that are needed for the job. This company seems very Covid cautious and seems like a great place to work.

Garbage Truck Driver in Phoenix, AZ

This position is extremely safe and seems very flexible with what times you may want to work your shift. They have day shifts, night shifts, overtime shifts, and weekend shifts available to you. Consider messaging them to see if they have any positions open.

Green Island Excavation Demolition in Lemont, IL

A position like this one at Green Island Excavation and Demolition offers up to $31 an hour! They only hire people who are skilled and determined to be truck drivers. This means you would be working with people who are excited to be there. This company may be one you’d want to work for!

End Garbage Driver CDL in Houston, TX

This company can pay up to $30 an hour and has weekend availability. Some garbage trucking companies only allow work during the weekdays, so a company similar to this might be best if you also want weekend shifts.

CDL Garbage Truck Driver in Arlington, WA

Companies similar to New Life Rockeries would help you become a pro in becoming a garbage truck driver. They take pride in their work and equipment and they only hire people with good attitudes and who are willing to work long and hard hours. Consider working as a garbage truck driver if you fit under these qualifications.

Garbage Truck Driver in Rathdrum, ID

This company has a yearly bonus for their employees! They even have health, dental, and vision coverage. The company also has paid vacations and holiday pay. If you are looking for somewhere to work as a garbage truck driver, one like CDA Paving and Concrete Specialties might be perfect for you!

Side Garbage Drivers in Jackson, WY

Oftedal Construction has garbage truck worker positions where you could get $22 per hour, amazing benefits, and weekend shifts. Places similar to this would be perfect if you want all-around flexibility, great pay, and even better benefits.

CDL Garbage Truck Driver in Summerville, SC

In South Carolina, you could become a trash collector and get up to 40 hours a week. They have sign-on bonuses and competitive pay that could help you get even more money than you think! Work as a trash collector today!

Garbage Truck Driver in Rapid City, SD

The company Ford Trucking is a perfect example of somewhere you could work as a trash collector. They are hiring garbage truck drivers who have experience, and who want the opportunity for a lot of hours and even weekend availability.

CDL Driver in Virginia

This location would be great for you if you love working hard and getting paid to be part of a team! They pay well and teach you to be your best! Garbage truck drivers are so important and essential, and this company is a perfect example of how you can get there.

Garbage Truck Driver in Atlanta, GA

This company, Patterson Services Inc, has tons of different shifts to choose from, making it easy and flexible for you. They have no night shifts as well if you don’t like working in the evening. They also have performance bonuses if you are interested in that.

Truck Driver in Albuquerque, NM

This full-time position is a perfect example of a place you may want to work if you become a trash collector. They pay $22 an hour and make sure all their equipment is safe and ready for you to use. They seem like great people who would be great to work with! Consider working for them if you want to take advantage of an amazing job opportunity!

Roll-Off Truck Driver in Daphne, AL

This company was established in 2004 and loves good customer service. They are safe, reliable, and can give you amazing benefits. Places like this help to make trash collectors proud to be who they are.

Driver, Construction Garbage Truck in Charlestown, RI

This location has everything! They keep their employees safe, have amazing benefits, and guarantee that you would be part of a team if you worked there!

Quad Axle Garbage Truck Driver in Green Bay, WI

This location offers great benefits like retirement plans and can pay up to $35 an hour! Places like this will make your job a home if you work there!

CDL Truck Driver in Wichita, KS

This company also has amazing benefits, pay, and shifts available to you! Any trash collector would be proud to work at a place like this! This is just one location that would be proud to call you their employee!

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