Garbage Disposal Installation Tools

“A garbage disposal installation tool, also known as disposal install aider, is a simple tool to help install a garbage disposal unit without the help of a second person.”

Garbage Disposal Installation Tools

Even for professionals, it is not easy to install a disposal unit by oneself. Help is needed to hold the sink flange in position when mounting the unit from below. Also, it is helpful if someone can support the disposal unit during the installation process.

So whatever assistance a plumber needs while disposal installation is not a professional one but rather a helping hand. Usually, the client helps the plumber during the installation process, or he will have to get another guy, both of which could be avoided if there was some tool for this.


Some people have actually made these tools,

And they are called garbage disposal installation tools.

Not a cool name though.

What a disposal installation tool basically does is; hold the sink flange from shifting while the installation is going on under the sink. It also helps the plumber to lift the disposal unit (it is pretty difficult to lift a heavy disposal unit while below the sink).

In short; these tools avoid the need for an assistant.

These are most recommended for DIY installations.

Let me introduce some of the best garbage disposal installation tools you should try;

Plumb Pak Plumber’s Third Hand

This is my favorite among all disposal installation tools.

By Keeney Manufacturing Co, the Plumber’s Third Hand is a simple tool consisting of a threaded shaft and a locking wing nut.

Once you put the sink flange in the drain hole insert this tool through the sink hole into the disposal unit. Then raise the disposal by pulling on the threaded shaft, and lock it in position using the wing nut. The weight of the disposal will hold down the sink flange.

This means you are now free to use both hands for the installation process. This tool is literally a third hand!

Plumbers third-hand video

Dr. Disposal – Hook Lift Lock

The Dr. Disposal hook lift lock works the same as the ‘Plumbers third hand’ but the difference is it uses a metal chain instead of the threaded shaft.

This makes it easy to keep the tool with you, you can take it anywhere in your pocket.

Once the sink flange is installed insert the tool through the sink hole and lock it into the disposal. Then pull up the disposal so it hangs at some distance from the ground. Then lock the chain onto the sink flange using the metal plate-like lock. And you are now free to use both your hands for the rest of the installation.


That’s all about it. If you are a plumber this is a must-have tool. If you are a DIY installer you can do without this tool because you won’t be needing it till the next installment which is probably 10-12 years away.

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