Disposing of an Area Rug

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There are different ways to get rid of or dispose of an old rug. If you are tired of having an outdated or worn-out rug in your home, then maybe it’s time for a change.

To dispose of a large area rug, someone will need to cut it in half, roll it up, and throw it away in the dumpster. Look for different ways to donate, recycle, and repurpose the rug. There are companies that specialize in cleaning rugs and carpets, and they can help revive old rugs.

Disposing of old rugs is not as hard as it may seem. There are simple steps to follow, and there are many options as to what to do with your old rug, so read below for more information.

Disposing of Old Rugs

Depending on the size of the rug, you might be better off cutting the rug in half before throwing it out. This is good to help prevent the rug from sticking out of the top of the trash bin. But, rugs have many threads tightly woven together, so using scissors might be hard. Instead, proceed with caution and try using a box cutter. This way you can flip the carpet on its back, and cut it in half using strokes and not going in a straight line. (Source)

After you cut the rug, roll up each half. Rugs fit into spaces like trash bins better when rolled instead of folded. And, you can use some zip ties, strings, and other tools to keep the rug rolled up. Then, walk the rug outside to your dumpster or to your trash bin.

All in all, this is pretty easy, and it should not take you long. You will spend most of the time cutting it, and after that, all you have to do is get rid of it. And, depending on the size, you might not need to cut it. But, make sure you put the rug into the trash so that you don’t get a fine for littering a large item. Depending on the location, littering fines cost up to $1,000 so make sure you dispose of it correctly. (Source)

Recycling Rugs

There are places that will take textiles like clothes and rugs and recycle them for materials. In 2002 the Environmental Protection Agency signed the Memorandum of Understanding for Carpet Stewardship. This says that 40% of rug and carpet waste be used and recycled.

So, there are many places online and in your city that will take your rug for you. Call recycling centers in your community and see if they will take that rug of yours off your hands.

You can also sell rugs on Facebook Marketplace for cheap as an alternative to recycling and donating. If the rug can be cleaned and reused, then sell it for some extra spending cash. That will get you a nice outing for some ice cream, cookies, and other fun treats.

Donating Rugs

If your rug can be donated, then why not! You can get it cleaned beforehand so that it is ready for another family to pick it up. Then, you can drop it off at Deseret Industries, Salvation Army, and other thrift stores. Plus, they will give you a paper that says you donated items, and you can write down what the total worth of the items was, and you can put it on your tax documents as a donation.

And if you are going to donate a rug, you don’t need to cut it in half. That will make the rug pointless and you should recycle it at that point. But, donating it can help another family. Large area rugs are expensive, and if you are trying to make your home feel and look like a home, you are going to want items like that. So, helping families have the option to buy an area rug for a cheaper price is great.

Donating rugs is also much better for the environment than dumping them in a landfill. It benefits other families, and it is better for the earth. It takes a lot of time for items like rugs to decompose, so being conscious of that and donating (if possible) is the best option.

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Reusing Rugs

There are many ways to reuse rugs. If you are changing up your home decor style and you want a new area rug in your living room, try moving the original rug into a bedroom, a playroom, another large living space, or outside in a shady area. You can spray a fabric protector that makes will make the rug water/dirt resistant or proof. That will make it work better outside if that is your desired location for it. (Source)

You can also make things out of old rugs. For instance, some people make their rugs into tapestries, and cat-scratching posts, and they use them as material for chairs and benches. You can have an old chair and reupholster it to be the seating fabric.

You can also ask around and see if you have any friends who would be willing to take or buy the rug from you for cheap. If it is nice enough, you can find a friend who will want it, and then you can have space for a new rug.

You can also layer rugs. You can have a larger rug on the bottom, and you can layer the smaller rug at an angle and have the room look cute! Make sure the rugs are coordinated and the designs don’t clash. You can look online and on Pinterest for styles you like and mimic that.

Overall, there are many ways to get rid of an old rug that help you and others. You can have some fun planning new ways to use that rug of yours, or you can simply donate or sell it to someone. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is true, and you can help someone find a new treasured piece of decor in their home. Think about the condition of your rug, and decide what option is best for you to be able to get rid of it.

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