Do Some Dishwashers Have Built-In Garbage Disposals?

Do Dishwashers Have Built-In Garbage Disposals?

Some dishwashers do have built-in garbage disposals that are capable of grinding small amounts of food waste, this is due to their lack of power. Independent garbage disposals (connected to the sink) are better suited for the amount of food waste generated in an average kitchen.

But the real question is

Are dishwashers with a built-in garbage disposals good?

Garbage disposals built into dishwashers often lack the power to adequately take care of food waste. For this reason, built-in garbage disposals are not good.

Let’s consider this example, there are printers with built-in scanners, but many people prefer to buy them separately, why? Because if one of them is damaged they can repair it separately and use the other but if a printer with a built-in scanner is damaged that’s more troublesome.

The same goes for dishwashers with built-in disposals or masticator or grinders (Yes, disposals are called many names, in fact, I think they should have a proper name at least like ‘garburators’ as they are called in Canada.)

These built-in disposals are also not powerful, not nearly as an independent disposal. They are more or less a metallic extension of pump impellers. They can’t grind any serious food wastes; actually, they don’t need to because people put their tough food wastes into trash cans or garbage disposals before putting their plates in the dishwasher. So in the latter case you need a real disposer anyway.

So the best solution is; Dishwasher + Independent garbage disposal, don’t go for the built-in ones. Instead, connect the outlet of the dishwasher to the garbage disposal, all disposers come with a dishwasher connection. This will help you to grind tough food items as well as those coming out of the dishwasher.

This solution has certain advantages like; ease of repairing, ease of cleaning and is more economical as dishwashers with built-in disposals cost more. You can buy a good but cheap disposer for that price difference.

As mentioned before this is a personal choice. I prefer an independent dishwasher and an independent disposal and connect the dishwasher outlet to the disposal. You get the same result but fewer headaches.

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