Complete Guide to Disposing of a Treadmill

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One of the most widely used machinery for cardio exercise is the treadmill, and because of this, the treadmill has become the staple for both public and personal gyms. However, not all good things last and may be replaced or simply removed. Treadmills don’t last as long as anyone would like, so let’s talk about options for disposing of one.

To dispose of a treadmill, dumping, dismantling and recycling, selling, or donating it is the best option. If the treadmill works fine, selling or donating it are the easiest options. If the treadmill is broken, the best way to dispose of it is through dumping it or dismantling it for recycling.

There will be a time and a place where anyone will want to dispose of their treadmill, but the question is “how?” We will look further into all of these categories of dismantling it which leads to recycling, selling, and donating, and perhaps some honorable mentions of ways to dispose of such.

Dismantling Leads to Recycling/Dumping…Usually

One of the most common disposable methods for any product is through the use of recycling. Recycling is easier said than done but how do we go about recycling larger items such as a treadmill? Most often than not, you will find yourself having to first dismantle this item. Dismantling means that we must remove the treadmill piece-by-piece and is the surest and optimal way to dispose of it. It is well condensed and easier to dump with no issues of “overcrowding” the dumping area.

Let’s briefly look at some of the steps that would be required to take before officially disposing of the treadmill. Before we do this, we must understand that not all treadmills are the same in materials and design, but the dismantling idea is relatively consistent across all treadmills, this means we must understand the basic components of a treadmill which are: the running belt and board, major metal and plastic parts, and plenty of electronic pieces. Also, most treadmill disassembly procedures only require a screwdriver of any kind with occasions of the use of a socket wrench. Overall, not many tools are required. Now that we have this context, let’s now dive in with the steps.

  • First: Always fully turn off the treadmill and unplug it from the outlet.
  • Second: Make sure to remove the two major sections that make up the treadmill: the railing and the treadmill itself such as the running belt/board section. The screwdriver will most like be used for clearing out the screws near the base of the railing since that is where these two major sections are connected by.
  • Third: Now that we have the two major parts of the treadmill separated, it’s really about taking each of them apart. The use of the screwdriver, and the rail seems to be the easiest. Remove all screws throughout the rail parts and gently separate them throughout when needed. If it has a screen system, work around it and try to remove this last and make sure any cables and wires connected to each other are also separated.
  • Fourth: Focusing on the treadmill itself, it has the same concept as the rail, just involving more large pieces such as the running belt and board. Again, remove all screws in an orderly manner, removing the plastic and other pieces one by one, being progressive throughout.
  • Finally, if it’s a broken treadmill and needs to be recycled, just dismantle it as much as possible for the ability to recycle or dump it properly. If being sold or donated, only dismantle enough where it can be easily rebuilt for distribution.

Overall, the dismantling portion is not much of a hassle as long as you are disassembling it safely. The real question is where we deposit these pieces. In terms of recycling and assuming the major components are small enough, you can recycle them anywhere. No wonder dismantling may be more taxing to do but the opportunity to safely rid of the treadmill is immeasurable.

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When dismantled, there is always the option to sell off the parts, or donate them to a local repair shop to support local businesses. This way, the parts can truly be recycled by letting them give life to another ailing treadmill. For example, if the control panel is what broke, the running belt could be sold on Ebay as a replacement belt. Feet can be removed and repurposed, and panels can be put on another treadmill as well. Consult the owner’s manual to ensure that the correct specs are listed with the parts. Sometimes, the treadmill can be sold “as is” or sold after a short repair or two.

Another Man’s Treasure

As with all used products that are not needed anymore, the increasing number of reasons to get rid of them is plenty and most likely result in the product being thrown to the dump or recycled. However, if the product is deemed usable still, then the other option for it is to resale it as a used product.

Treadmills do last a long while with the proper care it needs, so reselling them would be a benefit for both the product and the person who is wanting to sell it and gain some extra cash for it. Because of its long-lasting capabilities, there are plenty of people who would love to purchase and use any treadmill they can find. Of the various options for selling a treadmill, some of the best ones are these:

  • Online marketplaces: Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, and other platforms. Online marketplaces are a great place to reach out to an innumerable number of customers. Often, this is the best way to reach out to those you may not know who are wanting a treadmill.
  • Garage Sale: The good ol’ classic garage sale is perfect for anyone hoping to get rid of a treadmill with no extra cost of shipping and deliveries. The convenience of an immediate buy from locals around your area is nice and convenient. Perhaps the only strain could be whether or not the individual wanting to buy may have to return with a larger vehicle to haul the treadmill, assuming the treadmill isn’t dismantled.
  • Just give it away for free. Sometimes, people just don’t worry about the money involved and simply will give it to anyone who is looking for a stable treadmill. Giving it away for free reduces strains about price debates and it attracts more people to come and see the treadmill with no repercussions of losing any money. Be warned, you will face a lot of people and may have to prioritize who came first. Putting the treadmill outside, and posting it as “First Come, First Serve” can save you a lot of messaging interested people about it. Just don’t forget to keep an eye out for when it gets picked up so you can remove the post afterward.

Having the urge to sell a used item is not uncommon. Everyone wants to potentially gain some sort of income and selling is the best option out there. Despite this, some people may simply donate their treadmills with no intentions of getting anything in return.

Donating Your Treadmill

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Donating is one of the best options anyone can have if they are seeking to contribute to society in any way. Donating means you are inclined to help whoever could benefit from it. In this case, having a treadmill in an area that should have one would help greatly, such as a newly developed gym or even in care centers for those needing a bit of cardio. Here are some suggested donation options:

  • Major donation centers. These donation centers can vary from Desert Industries, Goodwill, and Salvation Army. These are a few of possibly many more major donation centers that are focused on giving back to the community both nationally and internationally. They are recognized for their business and are a reliable source for any donations.
  • Other donation centers: What we mean by other is the idea of local businesses or the not-so-common business. This can mean that anyone who wishes to donate to their local community business that offers such service can and it will be personally meaningful for them. Giving back to a business in the community enables that business to continue to give back to those around them.
  • Any other donations: This means that any donations that aren’t part of a business are the name of the game. The person wanting to rid of a treadmill through donations can donate them to another individual or a group. An example could be donating to a church organization’s exercise room if needed, or someone who can’t afford, even a cheap treadmill, could be donated to.

Donations bring out the best of people and a treadmill is an item that has high value and usability. Nothing can go wrong for anyone wishing to donate a large and important item. Plus, you are only making the world a better place if you are willing to give up on something as valuable as a treadmill. Even an old one, the purpose is still there.

Again, when trying to sell or donate, we need to make sure the treadmill is in working order and able to function properly for a few more years. Luckily for us, treadmills are sturdy and are meant to be worked hard. Proper care is needed for this longevity to happen so taking great care of the treadmill throughout its life and the prospect of a new life is necessary.

Other Treadmill Methods

We have discussed the three most common ways to dispose of the treadmill: dismantling it that leads to recycling/dumping it, selling for profit, and contributing to society through donation. These three are everyone’s go-to methods, however, there are some other methods that could be taken. They may be similar to one of these three mentioned above but with their own unique take on disposing of.

  • Returns/Replacements: This is a common practice for any product that either does not meet the individual’s criteria or simply does not function in which one will decide to return the product altogether or find a method to replace the item of equal value or a newer and hopefully functioning item. Returning the product from where it came for a refund, or trade is easy and convenient. The product is already packaged and all you need to pay is the shipping cost.
  • Use specific dump/junk services: This one is simply calling and allowing a dump/junk service team to handle all the job of dismantling and/or picking up the item and taking care of the disposal themselves with minimal cost and physical effort on the person needing to rid of such item. This is convenient for those who may suffer physical issues and can’t risk their health over an item, in this case, a treadmill.
  • Sell for parts: This is similar to the mentioned “selling” the treadmill altogether, however, you may consider wanting to sell the treadmill in individual parts. Some people may just need the parts you have for their own purposes and selling the individual parts of the treadmill allows you to, in a way, earn more money. Individual parts are functional on their own such as screws and bolts rather than an entire machine held up by those screws and bolts. Any parts can be useful for someone else which is why selling the treadmill for parts is an excellent way of hoping to repurpose its parts.

We hope this guide has helped you! And though it states “complete”, there are far more options and methods out there to help you properly dispose of your treadmill. We wanted to provide information that will give you an idea and help you seek out, further, opportunities to utilize all methods of disposal ranging from simply trashing the old, unusable treadmill to a functioning treadmill serving a purpose in homes and places that need it via donations. I personally have never owned a treadmill, but I have helped with dismantling one and transporting it to either the dump or to someone. Always be smart in how you dispose of your treadmill and make sure you take safety precautions as this should be our highest priority! We hope you can begin your process of disposing of your treadmill with ease and no worries!

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