Best kitchen trash cans

There are different types of trash cans, like; touchless ones, step-on, slim, etc. And there are lots of models within these categories.

So it is pretty difficult to find a good trash can for a kitchen. So I decided to create a list of the best picks from each category.

It goes without saying that I put a lot of research into comparing different garbage can models to find the best ones, so I hope you make good use of this list. Feel free to share this with your friends as well.

1. The most popular option – Simplehuman

Popularity is a stern indicator of the reliability of a product. The more popular a product is the more likely it is a good one. This is why I am using ‘popularity’ as the sole criterion for selecting the best kitchen trash can.

Here it is;

most popular kitchen trash can

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 13 gallon
  • Dimensions: 18.7″W x 14.4″D x 26.2″H – 38.5″ with lid open
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Step trash can
  • Warranty: 5 years

This trash can has 6700+ ratings until today on The average of all its ratings is 4.3 out of 5.

All those people can’t be wrong, can they? That’s why I chose this as the best.

Why is this garbage can so popular?

Because it is affordable, durable, easy to use, and covered under a 5-year warranty. It has everything a good trash can needs.

As you can see from the picture, this is a step-on trash can where you have to press a foot pedal to open it. The opening and closing of the lid are smooth and slow without making any noise.

Its 13-gallon capacity is ample for a regular household. The bin has a wide opening so it is easy to dump waste without spilling any.

Also, its lid has a safety lock that will keep out any prying pets.


  • Affordable
  • Has a good customer base
  • Safety lock to keep pets out
  • Long warranty
  • Smooth operation
  • Available in slim and semi-round shapes


  • It requires custom liners but you can also manage it with regular bin bags.

Update: You can buy a good alternative to Simplehuman custom liners from Click here to see their collection.

2. Best Stainless steel trash can – Simplehuman

As you know Stainless steel is a very durable material. Like the name says it is ‘stain-less’, it doesn’t stain or corrode which is why the top-of-the-line kitchen appliances are made of this material.

Here is my choice for the best stainless steel garbage can;

best stainless steel trashcan

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 14.5 gallon
  • Dimensions: 22.2″W x 13″D x 25″H –36″ with the lid open
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Step on
  • Warranty: 10 years

This Simplehuman stainless steel trash can looks like an Apple product. This is definitely the most beautiful garbage can I have come across.

It comes in 6 shades, rose gold being my favorite, and is also available in 4 capacities ranging from 30 to 58 liters.

Just like the above Simplehuman kitchen trash can this too works smooth and quiet thanks to the ‘Shox technology’. It is a patented technology by Simplehuman that makes sure that the lid closes softly and quietly. This is going to be mentioned multiple times in this article 🙂

It also has a hidden inside pocket where you can store additional garbage bags. The liner rim is designed to hide the garbage bag from view so it will look stunning in your kitchen. Unfortunately, it is made to fit custom garbage bags which also costs more than the regular ones.

All of its parts are made of stainless steel. It is also fingerprint-proof so don’t worry about smudging this beauty.

The steel pedal is vigorously tested and can last up to 150,000 steps which is plenty to last for 20 years.
In addition, it comes with a 10-year long warranty.

On the negative side this is pricey, but if you are looking to buy a reliable, rugged, and eye candy trash can this one is the best.


  • Beautiful with a fingerprint-proof finish
  • 10-year warranty
  • Durable


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Uses custom trash bags so you can’t use other regular bags.

3. Best wood trash can

People like to use trash cans made of wood to complement the design of their kitchen. I can say without a doubt that a wood garbage can is the best choice for an antique-style kitchen.

Here is my best pick;

best wood trash can

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 13 gallon
  • Dimensions: 16”W x 13”D x 26.5”H
  • Material: Wood
  • Type: handle
  • Warranty: Info not available

If you’re looking for a well-functioning and strong-built wooden trash can, your search ends here.

This garbage can comes in two shades to complement both modern and antique-style kitchens.

It is to be opened manually, and it does not use any fancy technology. It uses a wireframe to hold the garbage bag in position.

This is built with engineered wood so it is durable under normal conditions.

The only plus point of using a wooden trash can is its visual appeal. And among these, this one by ‘Home-Like’ is the best.


  • Visually appealing
  • Affordable
  • Use any bag as long as it fits the size.


  • Difficult to change bags
  • Need to be assembled

4. Best touchless trash can – iTouchless

Touchless trash cans are those trash cans that can be opened without touching. They have a sensor that detects movement in their proximity which will trigger the opening of the lid. The lid thus opened will be closed after a few seconds if no movement is detected.

Touchless trash cans are getting popular now. They add only a little more convenience than step-on garbage bins but since the pricings of both are somewhat similar people don’t hesitate to go for the touchless option.

If you are looking for a good touchless trash can here is my best pick;

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 13 gallon
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 10.5 x 27 in
  • Material: Stainless steel body with plastic lid
  • Type: Touchless
  • Warranty: 1 year

The iTouchless kitchen trash can is one of the best of all trash receptacles. It can accommodate 13 gallons of kitchen waste which is enough for a normal kitchen.

One of the main problems with a trash can is the smell of rotten food waste inside. Most garbage cans are airtight but the smell escapes once you open them. But this iTouchless trash can has a carbon filter that absorbs bad odors which helps to reduce trash odors to a good extent.

As you can see in the picture this garbage can has a stainless steel body which is also fingerprint-proof. It also has a compact design which is an ideal fit for corners and small spaces.

The motion sensor works flawlessly, not hesitating for a moment to open. You can also open and close the lid via pressing a button on the top, this serves as a backup in case the motion sensor stops working.

One disappointing thing about this touchless trash can is the warranty. I am pretty sure a company like iTouchless can offer a longer warranty period given most of the buyers had this trash can for over 5 years, a 1-year long warranty actually discourages buyers.


  • Good customer base
  • Best among the touchless category
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Works as expected


  • Short warranty period

5. Best touch bar kitchen trash can – Simplehuman

Touch bar trash cans are opened via a touch bar. This is not exactly ‘touch’ as on a touch screen but you need to press the bar a little. It reminds me of the space bar on my laptop.

In a practical sense, a touch-bar garbage can doesn’t have any advantages. It is much easier and hygienic to use step-on or touchless models. It is definitely better than manually opening a trash can though.

touch bar trash can

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 10.6 gallon
  • Dimensions: 28″H x 11.4″D x 15.7″W
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Type: Touch-bar
  • Warranty: 5 years

The good thing about a Simplehuman product is; that you can buy them with your eyes closed, they are all of the top-notch quality.

This touch-bar trash can is no different. It is made of stainless steel with a premium finish. It is also fingerprint-proof so you don’t have to worry about smudges.

This one is available in 3 capacities, 8-gallon, 10.5-gallon, and 13-gallon. The largest one has two bins; one for plastic and the other for recyclable wastes.

You can open the lid with just a tiny nudge. The lid opens evenly, it is really satisfying to see it opening. But you can’t close the lid by using the touch bar again, this has to be closed manually.

This touch bar trash can is a real beauty, but again all Simplehuman products are designed so. Its build quality is top-notch and is not pricey either.

One advantage of the touch bar is that it is easier to open than a manual bin in case your hands are full. This is not a big enough reason to choose this over a similar step-on or touchless model but choices are subjective.

This is the best touch-bar trash bin I could find, and I assure you there is no need to look further.


  • Superb finish
  • Best quality (made of stainless steel)


  • It uses custom trash bags. This makes it impossible to use ordinary bags which are available at cheaper rates.

6. Best dual kitchen trash can – Simplehuman

Dual garbage cans have two bins. One is used for putting recyclable wastes, and the other for plastics and non-recyclable items. They are also called ‘recycling bins’.

Dual kitchen trash cans are convenient when you dispose of food wastes and non-organic wastes separately.

Here is my choice of the best dual kitchen trash can;

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 15.3 gallon
  • Dimensions: 25.8″H x 14.2″D x 22″W
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Type: Step on
  • Warranty: 10 years

Disclaimer: I don’t have any relationship with the company SimpleHuman, and my reviews aren’t biased. It is just that their trash cans are the best. So however hard I try I end up reviewing another Simplehuman product.

I confess I reviewed another version of the same product above. It didn’t have a dual compartment though. But this is the best dual trash can you can get your hands on.

As you can see this is a 15.3-gallon garbage can having two compartments; one for organic wastes and the other for non-organic.

Like every other product by Simplehuman, this one also has a beautiful design and top-notch quality. The body, the liner rims, and the lid are made of stainless steel. It uses Shox technology (also seen in most other models by the same company) to make sure that the lid closes smoothly without a sound.

The steel pedal it has is made to withstand 1,50,000 steps; that’s a lot of steps.

One thing I like about Simplehuman trash cans is that they all hide the trash bags from view. The rim liner for all their products is specially designed to strongly hold the garbage bags as well as to hide the outside hanging portion from the view.

One thing to notice is that the compartment for non-organic wastes does not use a garbage bag. Instead, it has a small bucket with a handle that can be easily pulled out from the trash can. This makes removing the non-organic wastes simple.

This dual trash can uses custom lines that are an excellent fit for this trash bin. However, this also means you cannot use regular bags.


  • Excellent design
  • Build quality
  • 10-year warranty
  • Reusable bucket for easy removal of non-recyclable wastes


  • Price is on the higher end
  • Need to use custom bags

7. Best butterfly lid option – Simplehuman

Butterfly lids open like the wings of a butterfly. They open from the center to the sides.

Butterfly trash cans usually have a slim design. This helps them to fit in narrow spaces. They are also best for use under low countertops as these lids offer maximum clearance.

Here is my pick of the best butterfly lid trash can;

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 10.6 gallon
  • Dimensions: 26″H x 23.3″D x 10.4″W
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Type: Step on
  • Warranty: 10 years

This butterfly lid trash can has two compartments; one for organic wastes and the other for non-recyclable items.

It works with a step pedal. Stepping on the pedal opens the lids of the trash cans. This pedal can withstand up to 150,000 steps, this is enough for a lifetime of regular use.

The lids use Shox technology which allows them to close without sound.

The can is solidly built with stainless steel. It also has a fingerprint-proof coating to prevent any dirty spots. This also makes it easier to clean the trash can.

It comes with a warranty of 10 years. This is a long warranty and only the best products have this.

If you are looking for a good, reliable, long-lasting butterfly lid trash can this is your best choice.


  • Long warranty
  • Excellent build and finish
  • dual compartment


  • A bigger size would have been better.
  • Requires you to use custom liners.

8. Best among step trash cans – iTouchless

Step trash cans, also known as ‘step on’ trash cans, are the most popular of their kind. They are very easy to use and more reliable than any other type of garbage can.

The working mechanism behind a step trash can is simple. It has a pedal at the bottom which is mechanically connected to the lids. When you step on this pedal the mechanism uses that force to open the lids.

Check this video if you want to know more about its working –

But note that the above is for only the low-cost ones. Most step trash cans reviewed here use far better technology and include pneumatic parts.

Unlike other types of trash cans, a lot of models are available for step kitchen trash cans due to their high popularity. Here is my best pick from all;

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 13.2 gallon
  • Dimensions: 13 L x 16.75 W x 26 H inches
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Type: Step on
  • Warranty: 1 year

I decided to go with this iTouchless product in spite of some excellent competitors from Simplehuman because its step pedal will last longer than any of them. The iTouchless pedal is tested to withstand over 200,000 steps which is good enough to last for 25 years!

It also has an excellent finish and quality. Its body and lids are completely made out of stainless steel. So is its pedal. Its fingerprint-resistant finish allows easy cleaning and gives the can a nice and shiny look.

It also has an odor control system. The odor filter absorbs all odors and keeps the can fresh for up to 3 months.

Another advantage of this trash can is; that you can use any standard 13-gallon garbage bag, it doesn’t need any custom bags! This is a huge advantage over its competitor Simplehuman.

The trash can uses SoftStep; a patent-pending technology that uses an air damper to help the lid close without noise. This is similar to the Shox technology used in Simplehuman trash cans.

The only and most disappointing thing about this iTouchless trash can is its warranty. It has only a 1-year limited warranty but it is unconditional and covers all parts of the unit.

On the cost side, this one is priced reasonably. It is available in 6 different versions with varying capacities. I should say this is the best value for money step trash can for the kitchen.


  • Use any 13-gallon garbage bags
  • Tested to endure over 200,000 steps
  • Best value for money


  • Lower warranty period coverage than other competitors.

9. Best under sink model – Rev-A-Shelf

Under-sink trash cans are placed conveniently under the countertop. This includes a slide-out mechanism on which the trash cans are placed. This kind of trash cans usually does not have lids but you can have them as well if needed. This is usually kept behind a door of the countertop, so to any garbage just open the door and pull out the trash can.

Since this has a pull-out mechanism you have to do some installation before using it. The trash cans are freely placed on this mechanism so they can be easily picked up for waste removal.

Here is my choice for the best under-sink trash can for the kitchen;

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 17.5 gallon
  • Dimensions: 14-1/2 x 22-1/4 x 19-3/8 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel frame and polymer trash cans
  • Type: Under Sink
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

This under-sink setup consists of two 35-quart black polymer containers with chrome frames and fitting components.

The ball-bearing slides can support up to 100 lbs of weight and can be easily extended to the full length of the trash can area.

With some additional accessories, you can even fit the cabinet door on the setup.

The whole unit comes under a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Convenient design
  • Dual trash can
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Needs installation

10. Best tilt out trash bin

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 7 gallon
  • Dimensions: 20″ W x 12.5″ D x 30.25″ H
  • Material: Wood
  • Type: Tilt-out
  • Warranty: Information not available

You will absolutely love this trash bin due to its features and design.

It’s one is the best wooden trash can designed to maintain the cleanliness of your premises with ease. It is available in various colors with old and solid finishing. The holder of this wooden trash can is made of solid knotty pine thus you can expect great grip and balance here.

Also, a 28-quart plastic trash can is included with the can which is a great thing. However, the unit needs to be assembled. Also, the product is not made of highly processed wood thus there can be minor knots and imperfections but they make every piece unique.

Overall, in this price range, this is the best tilt-out trash can for the kitchen.


  • Value for money
  • Stylish look
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Wood is not highly processed.

11. Best small trash can (8 gallon) – Simplehuman

The smallest kitchen trash cans usually have a capacity of 7-9 gallons. Small trash cans are preferred in office settings but not much in the kitchen. However, they can be used as a backup. It is also handy to have a trash can on the other corner of the kitchen for ease of use.

Big is not always better. A small trash can is also convenient if you don’t have much quantity of food waste daily. In this case, a large garbage can will take a long time to fill so it will start to smell.

I take out the trash once in 2 days. If that is your case as well, and you have a small household then go for a small kitchen trash can.

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 8 gallon
  • Dimensions: 12.4″W x 15.1″D x 25.6″H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Step
  • Warranty: 10 years

Well built, long warranty, and ease of operation – that’s what you get when buying this small trash can.

It is a pedal-operated bin that is convenient to use when your hands are full. The pedal is made of stainless steel. This bin closes slowly and soundlessly thanks to the patented Shox technology. It stays open for a few seconds even after releasing the pedal so the trash can be added conveniently.

This small garbage can is fully made of stainless steel. It has a fingerprint-proof coating to avoid any smudging while in use. This keeps the bin gleaming all the time.

Simplehuman, as mentioned multiple times above, is a very reliable brand. Their trash cans are known for their excellent design and long life. This product is no different. It comes with a warranty of 10 years! Also, its foot pedal is made to withstand 150,000 steps, that’s enough to keep it working for 20 years.

There you have it, a reliable, good-looking, and convenient to use a small kitchen trash can.


  • Excellent design
  • Long warranty (10 years)
  • High build quality


  • Can use only custom bags by the manufacturer.

12. Best Medium Size (13 gallon) kitchen trash can – Simplehuman

The most common trash cans used in the kitchen are medium-sized. They don’t get filled as often as a small bin and not as seldom as a big one. Medium-sized garbage bins have capacities ranging from 13 to 16 gallons.

Medium-size trash cans are a good choice for any regular household. It is also one of the most popular categories so you get a lot of models to choose from.

Here is my best choice of a medium size trash can

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 13.2 gallon
  • Dimensions: 25.7″H x 12.8″D x 19.8″W
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Step
  • Warranty: 10 years

I chose this 13-gallon garbage can as the winner of this size category because of how popular it is in Amazon. To date, it has 900+ ratings with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

This is rectangular in shape and has a size of 25.7″H x 12.8″D x 19.8″W. It is big enough to suit the kitchen of a normal household.

It uses custom-fit liners. This makes it difficult to use regular garbage bags but the custom liners are worth it. They fit perfectly in the trash can and they won’t break or leak.

The body of this trash can is made of stainless steel with a brushed finish. It also has a fingerprint-proof coating to avoid any smudges. The step pedal of the trash can is also made of stainless steel, which is built to last 150,000 steps. Definitely, this trash can is made to live a long life.

It is no surprise then that this 13-gallon garbage can comes with a long warranty of 10 years.

And it comes with the same Shox technology which I explained more than once above.

The internal hinges of the lid also prevent it from banging on the wall behind. The lid stands straight up and away from the wall when opened. You can also keep it open for long tasks by sliding up a little orange-colored button on the inside near the hinge.

It has an internal plastic can in which the garbage bag is placed. This inside bin can be removed wholly from the trash can. This makes it easy to clean the can once in a while.

If you are looking for a good and reliable medium-sized garbage can this is a really good choice.


  • Long warranty
  • Excellent build quality
  • Affordable pricing


  • Custom liners are needed.

13. Best large kitchen garbage can (20+ gallon) – iTouchless

Large-size kitchen trash cans normally have capacities ranging from 18-30 gallons. It is suitable for a large household with 6 or more people.

Unless yours is a large household I suggest you go for a smaller one.

The reason behind this is; that a large garbage can will take time to fill up. If it takes a few days to fill up, the trash inside it will begin to rot, causing the smell and creating bacteria, none of which are good.

If you already decided you need a large kitchen trash can here is my best pick.

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 23 gallon
  • Dimensions: 17.5” L x 19.25” W x 32.6” H
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Touchless
  • Warranty: 1 year

This is a touchless trash can, it can be opened with a wave of your hand. iTouchless is one of the best companies making these kinds of trash cans, and I found one of their products the best in this category.

Large trash cans for the kitchen are not so common, so there are only a few models to choose from. So it was not hard to pick this one as my best choice.

Made of fingerprint-proof, smudge-free stainless steel this garbage can has a very smooth, round design.

Its infrared motion sensor does an excellent job of detecting hand movements and opening the lid. The lid will stay open for 3 seconds for your convenience. It will also stay open until you remove your hand. The lid shuts without any noise.

It also has an odor control system that absorbs all bad odors. This system consists of an active charcoal pack and a special pocket to place it inside the trash can.

The top of this garbage can is larger than its bottom. This gives a wide entrance to add garbage without spilling any on the floor.

Overall, if you are looking for a good large trash can this is your best choice.


  • Large size
  • Smooth operation
  • Good build quality
  • Wide top opening


  • The warranty is only for 1 year.

14. Best slim kitchen trash can – Simplehuman

A slim trash can is one with a narrow width when compared to its other dimensions. Slim trash cans are the best for narrow spaces. They are designed to fit in smaller places while easy to use.

Like all normal garbage cans, the slim ones also come in different sizes.

If you want a trash can for a tight space in your kitchen, check my best slim kitchen trash can.

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 10.6 gallon
  • Dimensions: 10.2″W x 19.2″D x 25.2″H
  • Material: High-quality plastic
  • Type: Step
  • Warranty: 5 years

This is another product by Simplehuman. This is one of their cheapest products too.

This is a rectangular-shaped but slim trash can with a capacity of 10.6 gallons. It is made of high-quality, durable plastic. This is a step-type can that is operated via a foot pedal.

Like all Simplehuman products, this is designed and built well.

Unlike other simple human products, this one comes with a few more additional and handy features.


Wheels. This slim trash can has two wheels on the backside which makes it really easy to move it from one place to another.

Another feature is the lockable lid. This can be locked so your pets won’t be able to litter the whole thing onto the floor.

While this garbage bin is made of plastic the foot pedal is still guaranteed to do 150,000 steps. Its lid is equipped with dampers to avoid any sudden, noisy closures.

It comes under a warranty of 5 years.

If you are looking for a very affordable slim kitchen trash can this is the best.


  • Slim fit
  • Long warranty
  • Cheap


  • Needs custom liners

15. Cheapest trash can – Rubbermaid

Cheap doesn’t mean bad. You can buy a lot of cheap stuff that is useful. Most of them will last for a decent time as well. I should say cheap products last longer than many premium models if you consider the cost and longevity of these items proportionally.

Still, I won’t recommend buying a product solely based on its price. But that’s how I selected my pick for the cheapest trash can. I simply looked it at from the price point. But to be fair that also has a decent (more than you expect) number of reviews on many online marketplace platforms.

Here is my best pick;

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 13 gallon
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 24.8 x 17.6 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Touch bar
  • Warranty: Information not available

The first thing you notice about this trash can, especially if you went through my entire list, is that it is ugly, at least I feel so. It lacks the shiny stainless steel body most other garbage cans have. And also any of their awesome features.

But first impressions rarely come true.

A second look at it made me feel this is the very trash can anyone should buy. It is really cheap, it gets the job done, so what am I complaining of. Spending more of my money on something shinier to put my trash in didn’t sound that amazing anymore.

Let’s see what this product got;

This garbage can is made of plastic. It uses a touch bar-like mechanism. Press on the touch bar and the lid will open to full, and it will stay open. Just like a touch bar trash can you have to close it manually.

It is lightweight and plastic, lacking any complex mechanism, it is easy to wash and clean. The liner ring does a decent job holding a 13-gallon bag in position even when full.

If you are looking for real cheap trash can definitely buy this.


  • Gets the job done
  • Cheapest
  • Worth the money


  • Low quality

16. Best voice sensor trash can – Simplehuman

I thought touchless was the zenith of trash can technology but suddenly we have a voice-activated trash can!

Here it is;

Quick overview

  • Capacity: 15.3 gallon
  • Dimensions: 24.4″H x 21.5″D x 10.2″W
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Voice activated
  • Warranty: 5 years

Say ‘Open Can’ to open this voice sensor trash can.

That’s it.

Again this is another Simplehuman trash can I am selecting here. And this is the only voice-activated trash can on the market for the time being.

The voice sensor of this garbage bin can detect the command ‘Open Can’, and in response, it activates a precision gear system to open the lid. The lid thus opened stays open for a few seconds, and then close.

This works exactly like a touchless garbage can except for the input which is the voice.

In addition, this bin also has a motion sensor. This means you can either use your voice or move your hand to open the receptacle.

In terms of convenience, this isn’t a great leap. But it is a product worth showing off.

It also has all the features of a top-notch simplehuman garbage can. It comes with a stainless steel build that has nano-coating to avoid smudges. Beautifully designed and made to last long.

It also has a liner pocket where you can keep your packet of custom liners. It kind of look like a backpack from the side though.

Also it doesn’t have an inner bin like many similar models. This allows more room for your kitchen wastes.

The only downside is that the warranty period is only 5 years. Most other trash bins in the same price range by the same company have 10 year warranties.


  • Voice activated
  • Best build quality


  • Should have come with a longer warranty

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