What Should I do with Expired Ink Cartridges

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Most homes or offices have a printer. There can be times when ink cartridges are being gone through quickly but there are times when ink cartridges are untouched and expire before they are able to be used. So, what should be done with an expired ink cartridge?

The easiest way to dispose of used ink cartridges is to recycle them. Office supply stores often have a container where used ink cartridges can be disposed of. There are also many third-party ink suppliers that pay for used cartridges to be sent back to them for repurposing.

There are many things that can be done with expired ink cartridges which can make it challenging to know what is the best option for you. After doing research, the following suggestions have been compiled below.

Ways to Recycle Expired Ink Cartridges

Recycling expired ink cartridges can be easier than one might expect. Many local office supply stores accept these expired ink cartridges. Most of these office supply stores have their own recycling programs that allow these ink cartridges to be processed into plastic that can be used for other things. (Source)

It is possible that local recycling centers will accept expired ink cartridges. Calling ahead before bringing the ink cartridges in can provide you with the answer to whether or not your local recycling center accepts these.

There are some places online that allow you to mail in your ink cartridges for their company to recycle them. Some of these companies even provide compensation depending on the state of the ink cartridges they receive. (Source)

There are companies that accept ink cartridges to re-manufacture them. This can be an alternative option for people living in places that do not have a recycling center or office supply stores. (Source)

It is important to know that ink cartridges cannot be placed in the recycling bin that the city garbage collects.

Why Recycle Ink Cartridges

Recycling ink cartridges allows an individual to reduce the amount of waste that is being placed into local landfills. Recycling ink cartridges can also improve the environment by reducing the amount of plastic that is being produced. This can help reduce the impact that waste has on the overall environment.

The components of an ink cartridge can be harmful to the environment which makes it even more important to recycle these. This increasingly reduces the number of toxins that are being placed in the local landfills due to the things that are being thrown into the garbage.

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How Quickly Do Ink Cartridges Expire?

Ink cartridges have an expiration date. This is typically two to three years after the ink cartridge was produced. It can be important to look at the expiration date of an ink cartridge before placing it into the printer. An ink cartridge’s expiration date can be seen either on the side of the cartridge itself or on the left side of the box the cartridge came in. (Source)

The shelf life of an ink cartridge can depend on what brand the ink is. But it is important to note, that not many individuals experience their ink cartridges expiring.

It is also important to be aware of how much ink is remaining in your cartridge. It is important not to purchase too much ink before it is needed. Only purchasing ink cartridges when they are needed will reduce the risk of it expiring before you have the chance to use them.

What Happens When Ink Cartridges Expire?

An extremely common thing that happens as an ink cartridge expires is that it dries out. When an ink cartridge is placed within a printer, it is typically wet which allows it to easily print vibrantly on a sheet of paper. Once the ink is dried out, it can be less vibrant or may have a harder time even showing up on the sheet of paper.

When an ink cartridge expires, it can become either less vibrant than new ink or become streaky which can cause issues with the product that is being created. Using expired ink cartridges can lead to issues for certain types of printers. Some of these issues include printhead clogs, which can potentially destroy a printer. (Source)

Is it Safe to use Expired Ink Cartridges?

Depending on how well the ink cartridge was stored can determine how well it will work after the expiration date. As a result, the expired ink affects the quality of the product and even damages the printer. It is highly suggested not to use an ink cartridge after it has expired due to the damage that can be done.

Using an ink cartridge after the expiration date can result in various issues for your printer, so it is important to keep this in mind when deciding whether or not you want to use these ink cartridges.

Disposing of Ink Cartridges

While the best option for disposing of expired cartridges is recycling them, these cartridges can be disposed of in the garbage. If there are no options for recycling ink cartridges nearby, disposing of them in the garbage may be the only option. Before throwing expired ink cartridges into the garbage, check with your local business to see if they accept ink cartridges.

It is important to be aware of the harm ink cartridges can do to an environment. The toxins within the ink can be damaging to many aspects of the environment which is why recycling them is the best option.

Other Uses for Expired Ink Cartridges

Ink refill set for printer

It is possible to refill ink cartridges after they are emptied. This can be done by purchasing a bulk container of ink or by purchasing an ink refilling kit. A syringe can be used to take the ink and place it into the filling hole that allows for the ink to be inserted into the cartridge. Refilling ink cartridges can allow someone to save money when it comes to the cost of ink. Using this refilling kit can refill an ink cartridge multiple times. This will help not only cut down the waste that is being created by using ink cartridges but also cut down the amount of money being spent on ink. (Source)

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