What Should I do with Expired Groupons

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It is always a nice experience to be able to save some money! Groupon has captured the couponing world and has made it possible for deals to be found in a variety of situations. However, the coupons that this company offers have a time limit and typically need to be used before that date.

If a coupon is expired, the best options are to reach out to the company and ask for leniency, reach out to Groupon, or to try and refund the coupon with Groupon. While it isn’t likely, it is possible that Groupon is willing to work something out with customers who have expired coupons.

With this in mind with expired groupons, it becomes important to know what to do now that you have (or will soon have) expired groupons and how to prevent forgetting about using groupons in the future.

What to Do with Expired Groupons

Groupon is a fairly lenient company and is willing to help its customers receive a deal that they paid for. From their official website, they stated that the coupons they offer often will still work for the amount you paid for after the expiration date. The main downside is that the expiration date is when the promotional value goes away. If you have a coupon for a service that originally meant you would get a massage for 50 when it would normally cost 100, once the date passes that means that a person is not able to get the 100-dollar promotional value. You would be able to get 50 dollars off of a service, but that might mean that the amount a person pays would be higher than before the coupon expired. (source)

The main tip that Groupon gives with how to handle expired coupons is to be aware of the fine print of the coupon being purchased. The coupon will not be able to be used for different services or goods outside of what was originally intended. The coupon also might not be able to be used after the expiration date, but a person can figure that out by reading the fine print attached to the coupon.

There are some other methods that can be used to try and redeem a coupon that has expired such as reaching out to the company that the coupon applies for and asking to extend the date, asking Groupon to intervene, and trying to get a refund with Groupon.

Often the merchant, the company the coupon applies to, will be more than willing to work with expired groupons. Groupons are special in that the owner of the groupon should be able to almost always be able to continue to receive some form of discount even after expiration date. However, it is important to remember that they are able to change the agreement. The company can control what that discount looks like, but most will allow a person to redeem it for a comparable amount to what they paid groupon for.

Sometimes, this may not be the case. A company can choose to not allow people to redeem expired groupons. However, a person can choose to involve Groupon in cases like this. This is especially important if the coupon applies to a holiday event and the company is unable to provide the experience before the groupon expired or if something comes up and the person cannot redeem it and are proactive about it. Groupon has good relations with the companies it offers discounts for and is a good resource.

If neither of these is good options for you, there is also attempting to get a refund from Groupon. Groupon has an inner currency system, where every dollar a person pays for a coupon can be refunded up to two weeks after expiration for an equal amount of Groupon Bucks. Groupon bucks can be used in the future to pay for new groupons. This can be a great resource because a person can guarantee a second chance at a different deal later instead of trying to debate with companies for some simple cases of forgetfulness or mishap. (source) Here is a table that shows some refund policies to be aware of.

Type of GrouponRefund Policy
Local MerchantsYou can get refunded up to three days after purchase. It is also able to be traded for another comparable coupon after the expiration date.
Groupon Goods MarketplaceYou can cancel it from your account or through a merchant. However, it is important to see what your specific coupon says.
Groupon Get-AwaysCheck the fine print.
Groupon LiveMost are final sales. If it is an exception, it is only able to be refunded within 24 hours of purchase. Check the fine print for more information.
Final SaleCannot be refunded or canceled

How to Remember Groupons

Speaking of forgetfulness, it is important to take some preventative measures to reduce the number of coupons being lost out on. There are a few different options for tricks to remember to use coupons: putting them someplace that is high traffic as a visual reminder to use them, putting reminders on a phone or computer, using sticky notes, and using planners.

A great way to start is to put a physical coupon or groupon somewhere a person passes often. This can help someone remember to use a coupon because they see and are reminded as often as they pass by. This could be someplace like a computer desk, on the fridge, or in a wallet. A great option of a place to put coupons is on a bulletin board. Sticky notes and planners are good for similar reasons. A planner can be especially helpful because a person can plan exactly when they will use the groupon. (source)

People also benefit from having their phone or computer remind them about coupon expiration dates. I personally benefit from having my phone remind me of different activities, trips, and even to check on food in the oven. This same idea is applicable to coupons.

Now that Groupons have been discovered and are being utilized, this information will help a groupon users be able to utilize their coupons before, during, and after the expiration date.

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