How to remove grease from a garbage disposal?

Want to remove grease from your garbage disposal? Didn’t I already tell you not to put grease down the drain-No? check this post.

But since you already filled your disposal with enough grease to fill a bottle let’s see how to remove it without causing a mess.

How to remove grease from a garbage disposal?

Grease is not advised in sink drains or garbage disposals because they solidify and clogs the drains. So if your disposer has too much grease already it is not recommended to send that down the drain, because they will clog somewhere else.

Step 1: So the first step in removing grease from a disposer would be to disconnect the drain pipe from the disposer. Put a bucket or basin below to catch draining water.

You can skip this step but I highly recommend it.

Step 2: Add a cup of baking soda into the disposer. Baking soda is a good degreasing agent. Let this sit there for a few minutes. Then switch on the disposer for 1-2 minutes but do not run water, not yet. Let the baking soda reach every corner of the disposer chamber.

Step 3: Keep the disposer unit running and add some white vinegar into the drain. Watch and enjoy the foam forming.

Step 4: Turn on the hot water in its full. This will flush down any grease/most grease from the disposal.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat.

If the grease is not fully removed yet I recommend adding 409 degreaser and running hot water. I don’t recommend you using it regularly though.

Some people also recommend flushing down the grease with a pot of hot water but I think my method is better.

Another method I heard is using glass to scrape off the grease from the blades, please don’t try that, it will only do more harm than any good.

Using a combination of ice and salt also works provided there isn’t much grease build up in the disposal unit.

If you have a better method for cleaning the grease in a disposal unit please let me know that in the comments.

Charles John

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