How to Dispose of a Mattress

Dirty used mattresses piled at recycling site.

Imagine having a mattress for a while but over time, it becomes irrelevant or simply wears out. You need a place to properly dispose of such and may be thinking to yourself, “how can I properly dispose of it?” Not to worry, though big in size, it is just like any other overused product and can be disposed of effectively and quickly as possible.

To dispose of a mattress, people can recycle, sell, or donate it. Recycling is best for the environment, but not all recycling centers accept mattresses. It is sometimes difficult to sell or donate mattresses, as many old mattresses that are extremely worn down are not accepted by charities.

As you continue to read on, always think about the best method for you and which one is easily accessible without it making too much of a hassle. So, sit back, and let’s explore the options we have for disposing of a mattress of any kind.

Recycling an Old Mattress

Looking at this method, it can be more easily said than done. Yes, you can simply recycle your mattress at your local dumpster area, however, be aware that some places may warn you not to dump furniture like products in which mattress can fit into most of these categories or assumptions. So to prevent that, either find another place that will accept most things that includes furniture like a mattress, or you can do a non-common method of recycling such as breaking down the mattress itself.

Let us quickly focus on the latter option in that previous segment. Breaking down the mattress simply means that one needs to physically dismantle the product as best as possible and as much as possible as to make it possible for easy disposal with no issues in terms of size and shape of the mattress. Here is a brief step-by-step method of properly dismantling or breaking down the mattress product:

  • First, we need to remove the cord alongside the edges of the mattress. This can be done simply by using cutting tools, such as a utility knife, to cut alongside the edge where the cord is located and gently removing them one after another from the mattress.
  • Second, once we have removed the cords, it is now time to remove the entirety of the sides of the mattress. The left, right, up/down, or front/back all have to be removed leaving only the face of the mattress and the frame itself.
  • Third, the mattress face itself is a layer for the padded foam which needs to be removed. Carefully remove the out layer of the mattress, avoiding cuts or stabs from staples.
  • Fourth, once all the fabric and padded foam are removed, focus again on the last layer of fiber (the area right before the metallic springs.
  • Finally, again, use utility cutting tools to properly cut away the metallic spring into smaller, easily disposable parts.

And there you have it. A simple, not-so-common way to recycle the mattress of your choice. Almost all mattress designs are similar which makes it easy to transfer these “breaking down” skills to other mattress products. Also, as a last word of note, make sure you are always safe if choosing to recycle the mattress in this way. Always have gloves and proper clothing to protect yourself from any accidental harm to your body.

Overall, whether you are taking it to a dump that allows mattress disposals or taking matters into your own hand and breaking down the mattress for easy disposal anywhere, recycling your mattress, in general, is the most common and best option to dispose of your mattress.

Selling Your Mattress

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The second basic method of disposing of your mattress is simply by selling it. Here are some methods of selling your unwanted mattress:

  • Online websites that offer such a service such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay. This is perhaps the best option, though not immediate. A wide variety of customers to reach out to with no issues other than possible shipping and other delivery expenses.
  • Conducting your own garage sale. Having a garage sale in the late Spring to the entirety of Summer is a great way to remove unwanted junk to those who are locally nearby who would take up that offer. Plus, it can be immediate in which no issues of shipping/delivery cost or other expenses would be present.
  • Lastly, you could sell it to a business that takes up used mattresses, though not common because it is usually a donation purpose. When it is possible, you can sell it to the business and both parties get what they want. You get rid of a mattress and the business gets more products for resell to upkeep their business goals.

Selling is as basic as it goes. The only condition you must consider before selling, and donating, is to observe the characteristics of your mattress. The product needs to still be usable with reasonable wear and tear throughout. There cannot be an overabundance, if any, or no physical damage to the product. The durability of a mattress is what’s going to matter as well.

The projected lifespan of the mattress should be considered, assuming the person who is wanting to purchase it will use it for some time. In general, always make sure your mattress is usable and able to be the product it needs to be without displaying issues in its functionality and appearance.

Donating an Old Mattress

Group of young Asian volunteers packing food and clothes in cardboard boxes to give it to people in need or refugees

I personally feel that donations play a large role in our society as a whole. We are eager to give and promote life and prosperity for people and areas that may be less fortunate. Donating mattresses is perhaps the best use of disposing of a mattress in terms of promoting that “giving” attitude. Because of this the products such as mattresses are highly valued furniture for anyone. Some suggestions for donations are:

  • Donation locations such as Goodwill, Desert Industries, the Salvation Army, and other types of charity-focused businesses. These are excellent areas to guide your attention to donations.
  • Any other local businesses that aren’t mainstream. These produce similar benefits but in a more personal matter since it is supporting a business that, perhaps, has been serving your community locally for a time and want to give back.
  • Donations that matter to you. What we mean by this is that the individual who wants to donate a mattress feels inclined to donate it to another individual that isn’t associated with any business, towards a church community, a local hospital, and all other areas that the individual would like to personally donate to.

All in all, donating is a respectable practice that always produces a good feeling for everyone. Mattresses and other furniture, along with food, clothing, and hygiene are all highly sought after and needed. Locally, nationally, and internationally, these products are what can keep society afloat in tough times.

And there you have it! Three, very simple ways to dispose of your mattress. Again, always take into account the purpose of disposing of the mattress and potentially the purpose the mattress will gain whether it is recycling, selling, or donating.

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