Disposing of a Microwave: A Guide

Has anyone ever had to dispose of their microwave recently? If so, there may have been some question regarding how microwaves should be disposed of. This can seem like a daunting task for many people because people don’t dispose of microwaves very often.

Microwaves can be disposed of by recycling them, returning them to the company, scrapping them for parts, taking them to the dump, donating them, taking them to large chain stores (such as home depot), or selling them online. Microwaves should never be thrown away in a trash can.

Keep reading to learn more about how to properly dispose of an old microwave.

How Do I Dispose of my Microwave?

When the microwave stops working for any reason at all, it is time to get rid of it. But how do I get rid of it?

Recycle it

You are probably already familiar with the term, “recycling,” because that’s what enables products to be used over and over again to create new products. This recycling process is a little different from traditional recycling. When recycling a microwave, it is important to take it to a designated recycling center. Recycling centers can be located all over town when looking at GPS.

It is important to look at the websites of the recycling centers when looking through to know whether certain items can be recycled or not. After picking a recycling center, it is time to call them and let them know what you are dropping off, and it is being dropped off. This gives the workers time to prepare beforehand.

Return it to its Company

Some companies will allow customers to return their appliances through a warranty. If the microwave has a warranty, it is important to check with the company to see if it is allowed to return after it is broken. Some locations have drop-off areas to return items, but it depends on the business.

Some will require the customer to ship the product back but will require them to pay shipping. It is important to read about the company the microwave was bought from to determine if the microwave qualifies to be returned.

Take the Microwave to a Massive Store Chain

Big store chains, such as “Costco” and “Home Depot”, offer returns of various appliances. There are other store chains that customers can choose from. It is important to check online where the microwave was bought, and what determines if the microwave can be returned. Some places only accept returns from qualifying members, or they will require an additional fee.

On the company’s website, it will list what items they are able to recycle. After researching about it, the next step would be to call the store for additional details. At this point they need to know what kind of microwave is being returned, what the size of it is, and how long since it has been purchased. All of this determines whether the microwave can be returned to a store chain.

Scrap it

Sometimes the best idea for getting rid of a microwave is to scrap its parts. Many appliance shops will take microwaves that are completely ruined, and they will sell its parts. Make sure to call your nearest appliance shops to determine whether they will take the type of microwave that was bought. This is a good route to choose if the microwave has been damaged beyond repair.

Haul it from a Waste Removal Service

Some waste removal companies will ship appliances away with an additional fee. If you are recycling more than just a microwave, this could be a great option to get rid of lots of items at once. Waste Removal Services will usually give out a specific charge to all customers who want junk removed, so it is important to know whether it is worth it or not to get rid of items in this manner.

Another good idea is to call and see if the area or neighborhood you live in does curbside recycle pick up. Most trash pickups will come at least once every month, and they will haul away items without a service fee.

Donate it

There are a variety of different donation centers that will take microwaves. Make sure it actually works when returning it, because the next person who buys it needs to be able to use it.

Donating appliances is a great way to get rid of one thing so you can buy something newer for the house. There are people who shop at these donation centers, that might be looking for a microwave, or appliances related.

Online Marketplace

When people want to get rid of an appliance, they can receive some money back from the item that they purchased, when selling it online. This only applies to appliances that have been used, and still work. If something doesn’t work on the microwave, it is important to let the future buyer know what is wrong with it, and if they are okay with fixing it on their own.

There are online marketplaces to choose from such as, Craigslist and Facebook. Some people will use this option to be able to get rid of their appliance fast, and they receive a little bit from it. Lots of people that are in the process of moving will sell stuff online.

Can a Microwave be Thrown Away in the Trash?

A microwave should never be disposed of in the trash can. The reason behind this is microwaves need to be recycled. Throwing recycled items away in an area that doesn’t recycle will damage the environment. Microwaves contain electronics inside that are toxic if not thrown away properly. Trash collectors will have a bigger job on their hands because they will have to re-sort the mistakes that other people make.

How to Prepare a Microwave for Disposal?

When deciding to get rid of a microwave, it is important to unplug the microwave, and let it sit for a few days. After letting the microwave sit for at least three days, the capacitor will dissipate itself. If you are planning to donate your microwave, give it a good cleaning first. Most places will not accept a microwave that is dirty inside.

Are Microwave Parts Worth Selling?

Microwave parts that are available to be sold include

  1. Vent fans- ventilates the inside of the microwave and regulate its temperature.
  2. Capacitors- store the electricity in the microwave, even while unplugged.
  3. Keypads- the area of the microwave where the buttons are located.
  4. Turn Table Trays- the circle in the center of the microwave where food is placed.

You can sell parts of the microwave yourself, but it often takes longer than donating it elsewhere.

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