Disposing of a Broken Safe

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Safes can last a very long time. But as years go on, they can wear down and break. We have all the details on how you should properly dispose of your broken safe!

The best way to dispose of a broken safe is to call a local junk moving company to get them to help move it. They will know the best way to move the safe. Moving a safe alone is dangerous and some landfills won’t allow them in the dump, so calling a junk removal company is the best option.

It’s important to know the best and safest ways to dispose of your broken safe. We’ve got all the answers for you! Keep reading to hear all the information about disposing of your broken safe.

What Are Your Options?

Call Junk Removers

Calling junk removers is the safest, and easiest way to remove your broken safe. Safes can be very heavy and therefore dangerous to move by yourself, so calling a junk removal company is your best bet. Junk removal services like LoadUp are perfect for your next safe removal.

Junk removers will go to your location, and haul your metal safe away easily! Whether it’s inside your home or at your business, they will come to you! Most junk removal companies will take multiple kinds of safes. For example, LoadUp will take these kinds of safes:

  • Gun Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Sentry Safes
  • Personal Safes
  • Floor Safes
  • Bank Vaults
  • Security Safes
  • Fireproof Safes
  • Hotel Safes
  • Money Safes
  • Lockbox Safes

These are the many different kinds of safes that this specific company will take. Call around your city and see if there are better options if you wish. If you have a different type of safe, they may accept other kinds as well.

This specific company requires that you call about safes over 200 pounds. So you may want to keep that in mind when wanting to move a broken safe. Other companies may charge certain amounts, so I would make sure to call whichever company you are considering to make sure you know the details and cost.

Repurpose it

A great way to change up your safe is to fix it up and repurpose it. There are a few different ways you could do this, and all are great options. You could use your safe as a storage container for an emergency survival kit. Even if it is broken, it can still be used as storage. Because the safe is made of metal, it’s safe from most likely fire, guns, and other dangerous things. Meaning that you could easily store emergency materials in it if you wanted to.

Another option for repurposing your broken safe is to use it as furniture. Yes, I said furniture. It may seem out of style or maybe even ugly, but it may be what you are looking for. Depending on how big the safe is, you could use it as a bookshelf, night stand, or table. It would be quite the unique piece of furniture that all of your friends would rave about!

Sell it

The last great option for your broken safe is to sell it. You could get some extra cash too! Someone could be looking for a safe just like yours. Even if it is broken, someone might be able or willing to spend the time and money to fix it. You could post a listing on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and sell it on there. You should also mention if you are transporting the safe or if they would have to. This option is the perfect choice if you want to get rid of your broken safe and make some money.

You could also sell the safe for scraps. Some people may want the metal or other materials to melt down and use for something else. This is an easy way to get rid of your safe while still helping the environment by using it for something else.

Why Not Just do it Yourself?

You should never just move a safe by yourself. They are very heavy and it could be very dangerous if you try to move it on your own. It is possible that you could injure yourself or someone else if you try to move it yourself. Dropping a heavy safe on your foot doesn’t sound very fun to me!

A big reason you don’t want to move a safe by yourself is that you could break your home or furniture. Safes can be hundreds of pounds and if you nick your walls or furniture, they could get damaged. It would just be way better if you hired pro’s to do it for you!

Another reason to not do it on your own is because you would have to have a lot of materials to help you do it. You would need a dolly, pallet jacks, and very strong people! It would just be a lot easier to have a professional do it for you.

How it Helps the Environment

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Disposing of your broken safe properly can help the environment. Recycling them can help recyclers to reuse them. Selling your safe can help someone else benefit from something you no longer need. Repurposing a safe can help the environment by using it as something else instead of just getting rid of it. Materials can even be melted down to get new materials to make new safes, which is a perfect example of how disposing of your safe properly can help the environment.

It is very important to keep our world safe and clean, and getting rid of your broken safe the correct way can help the environment significantly.

Choosing Which Option is Best

As you choose to do what’s best for you in regards to your broken safe, always remember to stay safe and be smart. If you want to attempt to move it yourself, do your research and be very very careful. You know what’s best for you, just be safe! If you have friends or family that are experienced with moving safes or heavy objects, I’d suggest you get their help or opinion as well. If you decide to move it yourself, you should take it to the closest junkyard to you (some may not accept them).

Overall, I’d suggest you get professionals to move it, due to it being the safest and easiest option. Disposing of a broken safe may seem like a hefty task, but it can be very easy if you do it the right way. Good luck!

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