World Environment Day Scholarship

Thank you all for submitting your ideas for a better world. I received a total of 26 ideas each one better than the other. It was no easy job for me to select a winner but I did anyway.

And the winner is…

Swapna Patel

I have contacted the winner and shall publish more about her and her ideas shortly.

Meanwhile feel free to check the competition details;

World Environment Day 2018
– “Beat Plastic Pollution”

Plastic pollution is the theme of the World Environment Day this year which is going to be held in India on 5th June 2018.

Why we care?

The world has over 9 billion tons of plastic in it & this number is growing exponentially every year. Plastic is not bio-degradable and you know what pollution it causes.

Plastic is popular because it is both convenient and cheap. Whatever awareness programs are run people will continue to use it as long as there is no viable material to replace it.

The only way to reduce this pollution is to give people viable alternatives to plastic. For example, carrying your own clothing bag to a supermarket. People can even start making cloth bags with different colors and design so they are more encouraged to carry them, they can even be portrayed as a fashion symbol. One can even start a business centred on selling inexpensive designer clothing bags!

This is what DisposalXT is looking for. We are offering a one-time scholarship where the winner will get a reward of $1000. All you have to do is come up with a list of 5 practical ways people can replace the use of plastic. It won’t be easy but this is something worth more than 1000 bucks.

Applications Closed

Results will be published on 05/06/2018


  • You must list at least 2 ideas, up to 5. 5 will be given more preference.
  • The ideas should be practical to implement. It also should give people a reason to adopt it, like more convenient, fashion statement, cheaper etc. The threat of global destruction is less likely to work.
  • Ideas which have a scope for business is given more weight.

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